One Minute History with your Coffee: When and How did the Political Parties Begin?

How did the Republican Party begin?

The Republican Party, one of the two principal political parties of the United States awas founded in 1854 by those opposing the extension of slavery into the new territories.  The party mustered enough support to elect their candidate in 1860, Abraham Lincoln.  During the 1880's party members nicknamed themselves the Grand Old Party; the vestige of this nickname is still around today, as the GOP.

How did the Democratic Party begin?

The other - and older - principal party in the United States today, the Democratic Party was founded around electing Thomas Jefferson to office in 1800 (against Alexander Hamilton's Federalist Party).  The party's platform favored personal liberty and the limited of federal government.  Installing Jefferson in office, the party - then called the Democratic Republicans - went on to get its candidates int o the White House for the next 25 years.  In 1828 they became known simply as Democrats, dropping the suffix.


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Winnie-the-Pooh: quote that seems fitting for me today

 “Hallo, Rabbit,” he said, “is that you?”

"Let’s pretend it isn’t,” said Rabbit, “and see what happens.”


Water Filter and Fitting for Direct Water Line Hook Up for Keurig 150

 This morning I was sipping my coffee and browsing the reviews at Amazon for a purchase I have to make soon (I spend days... weeks.. sometimes even months researching things before I buy them.  I have to since we have a very limited budget).  While I am browsing my items (not coffee related) I saw a fitting for a direct water line to the Keurig on my page of recommendations by Amazon.  This is probably because I own a few Keurigs... but honestly I haven't talked about them on Coffee Talking for a long time.  Why?  Because currently we aren't using our Keurigs and we are giving the iCoffee a go.  I ordered this one September 1st of last year (2016) and it's been our primary daily brewer since then.

iCoffee Davinci Single Serve Coffee Brewer with Spin Brew Technology

But!  Getting back to the Keurig - because a couple years ago I expressed an interest in hooking up a direct water line to ours since my husband would complain about always having to refill it.  At the time, people were just starting to think about direct water line hook ups and there wasn't a market for it and no one made it easy.  It was in bits and pieces.

Now however, there are a couple companies that will sell you the kits (which I've posted about in the past) and they've added a filter for better taste/flavor

Here is the piece that I saw on Amazon this morning that got my brain thinking I should re-visit this topic and blog about it.....

Fitting for direct water line hook up
  • B150 Keurig Water Connector
  • Hooks your B150 Plumb Kit to a 1/4" water line
  • 1/4 " tube x 3/4" Female Garden Hose Thread
  • Includes washer, Lifetime Warranty and free telephone support
  • Manufactured Exclusively by PureWater Filters
This connector allows you to hook your Keurig B150 to a water source. You must have the B150 plumb kit. This connector attaches to the plumb kit and the other end has a quick connect fitting to connect to a 1/4" water line. Helps direct the water line directly to an attachable filter (sold separately). 

(If you need this part with the elbow see this link;  Elbow version)


And here is the one of the kits I mentioned above that incorporates a filter to the direct water line kit.

Since I'm not currently using a Keurig since our iCoffee is working out well for us right now, I do not have this filter kit and have not used it myself.

Keurig B150, B200, B3000, B3000se, Deluxe Filter Kit

Use this kit for a professional installation of your Keurig B150, B300, B3000, or B3000SE, or Flavia and Grindmaster commercial brewers.

Commercial Brewer Filter Installation Kit Includes:

Filter (GAC filter with polypropylene depth filtration and added polyphosphate for scale control)
Mounting Head with Screws and Bracket (with 1/4" quick connect fittings)
3/4" to 1/4" Water Line Connector
15 inches of 1/4" NSF Certified Water Line (to connect the filter to the unit)
1/4" Shutoff Valve
90 Degree Elbow (attaches to the back of the unit)
Detailed Instructions w/ Graphics (for easy installation)

Granular Activated Carbon: Made from raw organic, high-carbon materials and small, extremely porous granules with high surface area to remove chlorine, tastes and odors, and a wide range of toxic organic chemicals (VOCs).
Polypropylene Depth Filtration: Made from Class 1 filtration media, Tested and Certified by NSF International against ANSI/NSF Standard 42 for Taste and Odor Reduction and Chlorine Reduction Class I.
Polyphosphate Scale Inhibitor: Added NSF Food Grade polyphosphate to prevent scaling and corrosion of pipes and equipment (due to lime, iron, and other water contaminants) by forming a protective film to prevent contaminants from reacting with your equipment.

Lifetime Warranty for Defective or Malfunctioning Parts, and
FREE Lifetime Telephone Support - Get help with installation, trouble-shooting tips, and answers to product related questions.

* Service life on filter is 1,250 gallons/6 months. For replacements use PureWater PW5486, UPC 6527853421188
* Keurig B150 may require a Direct Water Line Plumb Kit if it doesn't have a waterline hookup.

If I order this filtration kit, do I still need the to order the separate tubing to hook it up to a hard water line?


It comes with a small piece of water line but you will need more and a way to connect it to your water source.
By B. LeClair on November 14, 2013

Yes...the hard plumb kit comes with a different kind of reservoir and you need that piece. The reservoir that comes with the keurig is replaced so you will end up with an extra reservoir....
By Anne Marie on November 15, 2013

Yes you do, just get a ice maker water hookup kit from Home Depot for $15, it comes with pipe tap and 20ft of 1/4 tubing. I recomend a shutoff valve be install inline too.
By Robert R. on November 14, 2013

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Fighting for the right to die

Source:  http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-4116308/This-fighting-right-die-Family-release-harrowing-pictures-MS-suffering-mother-final-days-torture.html

Years ago, while visiting extended family, we got into a discussion at the kitchen table one evening about assisted suicide and the right to take your own life.  My Dad and I were on opposite sides of the argument. So we agreed to disagree.  He believes no one should ever, ever have the right to take their own life.
I disagree.  And say it should be one of our most basic human rights.

And that's what I was pondering when I saw this news article the other night.  It really spoke to my heart and saved it in my files. 


This is why we are fighting for the right to die': Family release harrowing pictures of MS-suffering mother in her final days of 'torture'

Floria Lormier, 68, was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis when she was 20.
Her condition deteriorated over the past 2 years - leaving her in constant pain.
Her family say she was just 'skin and bones' before passing away in December.
They hope the pictures will convince politicians to change the law on euthanasia.

The family of a 68-year-old woman who suffered right up until her death are sharing her story in an attempt to fight for the right to die.

Flora Lormier, was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS) when she was 20 but her condition significantly worsened over the past two years.

Left in constant pain, she had begged her husband and daughter to help her die multiple times.

The debilitating condition had blighted her body, causing her to be paralysed from the neck down.

In hope of bringing about a change to the law on euthanasia, her husband, Tom, and daughter, Tracey Taylor, have released pictures of her in her final days.

Flora Lormier, suffered from multiple sclerosis since she was 20 but her condition worsened over the past two years. She begged her family to help her die.

"Mum was just left to suffer – it was torture, absolute torture. 
We were all around her when she passed but it wasn't peaceful."

'These pictures are what people need to see – this is why we are fighting for the right to die. 'There wasn't a thing we could do to help free her from her pain. We had morphine and sleeping pills and she begged us to help her end it, but we couldn't.

'She was like a prisoner of war who had been in a concentration camp.

'So why is it OK for a human to suffer? The Government need to see why people want the choice to decide when to die.'
Mr Lormier, who is registered blind, spent the past two years caring for his wife every day.

Showing her in a fragile state, she was left as just a pile of skin and bones before she eventually passed away naturally in December (pictured with her husband of 51 years, Tom, during her final weeks)

Her daughter, Tracey Taylor, said: 'These pictures are what people need to see – this is why we are fighting for the right to die' (pictured together in the months running up to her death)

Assisted suicide are legal in Switzerland, Germany, Mexico and five US states.