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Suspect in Chelsea slaying could have been held by ICE

"An alleged gang member indicted last week in the fatal shooting of a mother of three in Chelsea had arrived in the United States illegally as a teenager and was charged with other violent crimes, raising questions about why US immigration officials did not detain or deport him before the woman’s death."

"Federal immigration officials had no explanation this week for why they did not detain Ramirez, also known as Hector Ramires. He is among 56 people indicted on federal criminal charges, including the murders of five people and attempted murders of 14, last week in a takedown of the East Coast chapter of the MS-13 international street gang, which has terrorized immigrant cities in Massachusetts.

Several of the accused are immigrants here illegally, the US attorney’s office has said. Many, if not all, of the victims are also immigrants.

Because the US immigration system’s records are largely secret, the Globe could not independently review Ramirez’s immigration case or any others. Immigration officials have said that disclosing such records would violate immigrants’ privacy."


Sweden's IKEA loses right to use its own name in Indonesia

"Swedish furniture giant IKEA has lost the right to use its own brand name in Indonesia after a legal battle with a local company that claimed the trademark, court documents released earlier this week showed.

The court decision could make foreign companies even more cautious to invest in Southeast Asia's biggest economy, which is already growing at its weakest pace since the global financial crisis."


German security chief warns of Islamic State militants posing as refugees

"The German national security service warned Friday that Islamic State militants are infiltrating Europe under the guise of asylum seekers."

"Around one million asylum-seekers entered the country last year. Maasen reiterated that it was a “reality that the security agencies have to face.”



"I'm the strongest coffee you can buy!" "No! I am!" "NO! I AM THE STRONGEST BLACK COFFEE YOU CAN BUY!"

Last night I was reading the news and saw a little fluff entertainment article that, well, had a cute picture of a baby so I was a sucker and clicked on it.  The article mentioned in passing the coffee this actress was drinking.  She was drinking it because she was so exhausted and she can't live without her coffee... but it was decaf.  Hmmm.  I wonder if anyone explained to her how that works?

This morning I remembered that as I sat down at the computer with my morning brew (NOT decaf, because I really do need the pick-me-up) and I decided to check Amazon for a few of the strongest coffees available through their site.

I kind of chuckled.
It apparently is a pissing contest between companies on who has the strongest coffee you can legally buy... and many are claiming to be THAT ONE.

I've talked about Death Wish Coffee before.  I actually have it available on the right sidebar of my page as a featured coffee.

Death Wish Ground Coffee, The World's Strongest Coffee, Fair Trade and USDA Certified Organic - 16 Ounce Bag

About the Product

Stay awake with The World's Strongest Coffee.
Death Wish Ground Coffee has double the caffeine of your average coffee
If you are not completely satisfied, we'll refund your order. No questions asked

They also have Death Wish Coffee Single Serve k-cups
About the Product
  • The world's strongest single serve coffee capsules
  • Our coffee is roasted with state of the art equipment to ensure quality and consistency
  • 60 day money back guarantee if you are unsatisfied for any reason
  • Our beans are fair trade and certified organic
  • Our capsules are made out of recyclable material
  • The world's strongest single serve coffee capsules^Our coffee is roasted with state of the art equipment to ensure quality and consistency 60 day money back guarantee if you are unsatisfied for any reason^Our beans are fair trade and certified organic^Our capsules are made out of recyclable material


Banned Coffee | The World's Strongest Coffee | Super Strong Caffeine Content | Our Best Medium Dark Roast | 1 lb Ground

Their product description:

Banned Coffee uses a phenomenal blend of Extra Strong High Quality Medium to Dark Roast beans created by our Roasting Master, using the best Coffee Beans from the most prestigious Coffee Farms in the world. We know you want a caffeinated beverage that packs an ungodly jolt of energy strong enough to power the electrical grid of a small city, but you also want it to taste Great! Unlike most ultra-strong coffees on the market we don't "Over-Roast" our beans to make them Strong, because it removes the fresh Aroma of the beans, gives it a burnt flavor and actually removes some of the caffeine too. Banned Coffee is not only the World's Strongest Coffee, but also a delight to the taste buds.

BANNED COFFEE - Should humans even drink it? Depends. Do you arm wrestle gorillas? Do you like being strapped to the outside of a Jet Fighter's wing? Is your idea of fun swimming with sharks while simultaneously having juicy steaks strapped to your body? If so, you might have what it takes to be a regular Banned Coffee drinker.

BANNED COFFEE - 8 Cups of Coffee in one big serving. At the office, we're pros. One large mug of coffee (18 ounces) is the same as drinking 8 cups of normal regular-human coffee. Who has time for 8 cups? Not us!

BANNED COFFEE - Not only the strongest coffee in the world, but also the best tasting coffee. That's our opinion. Find out for yourself. Warning: Adding a little French Vanilla or Hazelnut creamer might make a serving of Banned Coffee way too blissful and addictive.

BANNED COFFEE - We use re-sealable bags with one way valves to keep your Coffee fresh for as long as you dare to keep it.

Banned Coffee is Proudly Roasted in the USA by Independent Artisan Roasters.


Shock Coffee® The Worlds Strongest All Natural Coffee - 13oz Valve Bag

Product Description

Size: Ground 13oz - 1 pack

Shock Coffee is the producer of the world's finest energy blend coffees and coffee drinks. Our coffee comes in whole bean or ground and is exclusively available in a high caffeine energy blend. We don't add any caffeine to our coffee and we select coffee beans for their taste and caffeine content. At Shock Coffee, we firmly believe that Sleep is Overrated and one sip of our coffee will make you a believer, too. Shock Coffee will add hours to your day and make you more productive without the jitters. Many other high caffeine options out there haven't been able to perfect the taste to caffeine ratio, so you're left feeling unsatisfied. That has been our priority since day one and our loyal fans and the media have agreed by helping to make Shock Coffee the #1 energy coffee of the US Military and one of the world's top selling energy blends since '06. Since Shock Coffee's launch, many coffee connoisseurs have dubbed it The World's Strongest Coffee. In fact, in recent testing against Starbucks, Dunkin' Donuts, and Death Wish Coffee, our blend's caffeine to flavor ratio stood out time and again.

As featured on: The Today Show, CBS Marketwatch, Food Network, CNBC, Nightline, ABC New York, Newsday, Daily News, CBS, NBC, Fox News Seattle, and more.

(I do need to note that I noticed the reviews on Amazon for this product are overwhelmingly from people who received this product for free or a reduced price in return for a review... )


Product Description

Destroy all of your enemies with the powers that Radioactive Coffee can give you! THE STRONGEST COFFEE LEGALLY SOLD is Extra Bold, Dark Roast Coffee with all the boost that you need to keep you at maximum performance anytime day or night.

Myth has it that Radioactive Coffee is made in a "secret government lab", the birthplace of many superheroes that you know and love. One day, the secret coffee formula was brewed by mistake and accidentally drunk by one of the scientists. That scientist became Radioactive Coffee Man with the powers to vanquish all the evil that came his way!

If you've tried Death Wish (and decided that you would rather live without it), Kicking Horse (and passed on the pony ride), Black Tiger (and weren't intimidated by the pussy cat), Jet Fuel (and thought it couldn't even fuel a scooter), Napalm (and got burned), or other "strong" coffees (and couldn't feel any effects from the brown water), then Radioactive Coffee is for you! Drink Radioactive Coffee, THE STRONGEST COFFEE LEGALLY SOLD, you'll feel the superpowers from the first sip!

Radioactive Coffee is THE STRONGEST COFFEE LEGALLY SOLD! Any stronger and it would be illegal!

Radioactive Coffee Single Serve Cups are compatible with all Keurig K-Cup Brewers, including the new 2.0 brewers. Includes 12 Single Service Cups.

(As of this posting there are no reviews on the page for this product.)

I'm sure there are probably a couple more on Amazon that are claiming to be the world's strongest coffee but I just picked these at random and figured comparing 4 of them was a long enough post.



In Which Mr. Coffee and I Have a Sports Conversation about the SuperBowl (when I know nothing about the Superbowl. Or sports. Or players)

Note:  I don't do sports. I don't play them. I don't watch them. I don't care about them.

No really. I'd rather do almost anything than watch sports. Preferably read or research. 

Picture Hayden Panettiere's character on Remember the Titans talking football nonstop...  that would be me, Nicky Boone on the left (and it has been me many times as I quote;)  "I. Do. Not. Care."

So here was a portion of tonight's dinner conversation as it was just Mr. Coffee and I here tonight.

Mr. Coffee:  So, off the top of your head, without thinking about it, who do you think will win the Superbowl?
Me:  Umm. Panthers.
Mr. Coffee:  Why do you say that?
Me:  Honestly?  Because I wouldn't think of who else was in the Superbowl this year.
Mr. Coffee (shaking his head and laughing at me)
Me:  But I remember now!  Broncos.
Mr. Coffee:  yep.
Me:  Since neither of them are your team, and you don't really care either way, who do you want to win?
Mr. Coffee:  Well...  I'd like to see Peyton Manning go out on top...
Me: Is he retiring?
Mr. Coffee:  Well... no.  But he's been in the NFL for 19 years so, if they did win, I don't know, maybe he would.
Me:  Nineteen years!?  Well it's time then!  He's been in long enough.  He should retire.
Mr. Coffee: (laughing again.)
Me:  Wait.  He's been 19 years?  What is he a quarterback?
Mr. Coffee: Yes.  He's a quarterback.
Me:  Ah.  That explains it.
Mr. Coffee:  Explains what?
Me:  How he can be in the NFL and not be all broken up yet!
Mr. Coffee: Well, he's had like, 4 neck surgeries and I think has some nerve damage.
Me:  Well, then he needs to get out of the NFL.  It's time.
Mr. Coffee: He and Eli have both won superbowls already.
Me:  Who is Eli?  His son?
Mr. Coffee:  (Laughing at me yet again) No.  It's his brother.
Me:  His brother is in the NFL too!?  My gosh.
Mr. Coffee: (Laughing)  His son!?  Bah ha ha.
Me:  Why is that funny?
Mr. Coffee:  (mimicking me) "Is that his son?"
Me:  Well, it could be.  That's not even funny.  But two of them in the same family?  Yeah, they can get out of the NFL.  They've made enough money.
Mr. Coffee:  Well their Dad was Archie Manning.  He played for the Vikings from...  
(blah blah blah is what I heard because I zone out with football details and the Vikings are my husbands favorite team.)
Me: So their DAD was in it too!  So that's why both boys are in the NFL.  Their Dad was.  It's who you know.
Mr. Coffee: No... they're good!
Me:  (Give him that look)
Mr. Coffee:  No really...  well, yeah it can be who you know but no... they really are good.
Me:  Ok.  Well that's fine but it's been long enough if it's been 19 years.  Is he not quitting yet because he can't do anything else?
Mr. Coffee:  No!  He could do lots of things.  Almost any thing he wanted.  Actually, he would be a great commentator.  He's pretty funny.
Me:  He's funny?
Mr. Coffee:  Yeah.  He'd be great at commentating.

At this point I got up and started to clear the dinner dishes.

Mr. Coffee quietly starts laughing to himself and mimics me again;  "Eli?  Is that his son?"  and bursts into laughter.

Mr. Coffee:  You should have a sports talk show.
Me:  Yes! I should! 
Mr. Coffee:  That would be funny.  You talking about sports.  But it would be a popular show.
Me:  You think?
Mr. Coffee:  Yeah.  You make comments like "Is Eli Manning, Peyton's son?"  and the switchboards would sure light up.  You'd have lots of callers!


My vintage looking manual coffee grinder! A copper and wood hand ground coffee mill.

  One of my favorite Christmas gifts this year wasn't expensive, wasn't flashy and wasn't something I suppose most females had on their wish lists.  A vintage, hand milled, manual coffee grinder.  If you've visited It's Just the Coffee Talking in the past you might know how many times I've posted I wanted a non-electric coffee grinder.  I had one on my wish list at Amazon that was a small canister style, but I didn't really care so much what my coffee grinder looked like, so much as just wanting one. 

But it's one of those things I would never buy for myself.  Luckily my husband and one of my daughter's were shopping at World Market near our home and when my husband saw this vintage copper and wood coffee grinder he remembered I had mentioned (a few dozen times over the past four years) that I really wanted one. 

My husband found this one at World Market and at the time it was $19.99 I think.

From their website - Product description:  Slow brew coffee connoisseurs will love our retro-chic copper coffee mill. Featuring adjustable settings, this manual burr grinder does not heat coffee beans like an electric grinder, and it's easier to clean and much less noisy. Plus, it looks great on the counter top

  • Made of metal with copper finish and wood
  • Adjustable settings
  • Base: 4.72"Sq.
There was no assembly and no 'learning curve' to use it.  I also love that it just doesn't have plastic, breakable parts like my 2 electric grinders do.  As a matter of fact, one of our electric grinders was knocked off the counter top, the plastic top/cup cracked and a piece broke off.  Not only frustrating and ugly, but this particular grinder has a 'built in safety mechanism'  (insert me rolling my eyes) that if the arrows don't match up when you place the cup on, it won't run. 

Manual coffee grinders don't deal with that and are quieter to boot! 

You can change the grind of the coffee from fine to coarse depending on your preferences or your machine you will be using it in.  However I did a test run when I received it, found the grind was perfect as is. 

To use, you just pour the beans in the top, and crank.

This was my 'test' to see the grind of the beans.  For a personal k-cup or for the 'pour over method' (which is what I typically use) this was perfect.

Just grind the amount you want, it falls to the little pull out box below and you simply remove the box, and use your coffee!

I've been enjoying my grinder at least once or twice a week since Christmas and I love it all over again every time I use it. Fresh ground coffee beans produce a most delicious cup of hot coffee.  Whether you want a more compact grinder for camping or travel, a sturdy one for daily use or one for your emergency prep-supplies in case of power outages or disasters of some sort, I believe if you love fresh ground coffee, a manual grinder is a great item to have 'just in case'. 

Related coffee mills available from Amazon;

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Hario "Canister" Ceramic Coffee Mill
Norpro Coffee Grinder
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Hario Coffee Mill Slim Grinder, Mini
Hario Ceramic Coffee Mill Skerton  Storage Capacity (100g)



My heart breaks for families hurt by inept, stupid, apathetic or egotistical people wtih a little power


A nightmarish string of medical errors left a Long Island baby dead, and her grieving parents were falsely accused of abuse, according to a lawsuit.

"Sara Keenan, 35, had breastfed baby Lana and put her down for a nap on Jan. 3, 2014. About an hour later, the dad, Padraig Keenan, 37, found the 3-month-old in her crib, choking on her own vomit, they claim. Miraculously, a houseguest who works as an EMT quickly revived the baby, who began to breathe again.

The parents then called 911, unknowingly igniting a chain reaction of medical missteps that doomed their tiny daughter, according to their suit."

Considering the baby was just choking on milk she vomited and was fine and breathing fine, I'm sure most (me included) would have left it at that, but they decided to err on the side of caution or perhaps with the advice of the EMT that apparently was a friend of theirs and a house guest at the time.

The EMT's that responded to the call, from Exchange Ambulances carried her to an ambulance parked four doors away and didn't even bother to protect her from the cold temperatures.  Ok, I'm still not questioning anything at this point but here is where my blood starts to boil.

"Instead of taking the child to pediatric intensive care units at nearby Good Samaritan or Stony Brook hospitals, the medics brought her to Bay Shore’s Southside Hospital. There, an emergency-room doctor pumped the 12-pound girl with a “cornucopia of drugs,” including Propofol, the powerful sedative linked to Michael Jackson’s death."

WHAT THE H**L WERE THEY THINKING?  Or should I say NOT thinking?  

"The deadly cocktail lowered the infant’s blood pressure so much, oxygen didn’t get to her brain for at least an hour. An attempt to correct the condition with epinephrine, meant to raise Lana’s blood pressure, failed when an IV was incorrectly inserted, the suit claims."

She was a tiny little new baby, she vomited, choked on it, was breathing on her own but brought in to be checked and they gave her a bunch of adult drugs that lowered her oxygen level to the point that her brain was without oxygen for at least an hour?  And then realized they screwed up and tried to backtrack by giving her epinephrine and inserted the IV wrong!???

But wait!  IT GETS WORSE.

"The baby was then brought more than an hour away, to Cohen Children’s Medical Center in Queens" where Dr. Hoffman-Rosenfeld with a strange sense of humor introduces herself as "Dr. House" (a TV show character) and then, on her own, decided the infant had shaken-baby syndrome.

Dr. Jamie Hoffman-Rosenfeld (NYT article)
This doctor accused the parents of both of harming their child and causing the injury which ultimately led to her death.  HOW did she EVEN come up with this!????

“The type of brain damage [Lana] sustained did not even closely resemble what is seen in ‘shaken baby syndrome’ or cases involving intentional or accidental ‘traumatic head injury,’ ” according to the lawsuit.

Not only were these parents dealing with a baby with brain damage that wasn't present until the oxygen deprivation by the previous hospital's blunder but wait...


At this point the Suffolk County social workers got involved and got orders of protection against the parents from not only being with that poor baby, but took custody of their other two children; 6 and 3.

Here it even gets more interesting;  the police and the District Attorney’s Office investigated but uncovered no criminal acts were involved.

Two autopsies later confirmed that no physical abuse occurred.

"But the child-protection agency pursued a custody case, alleging parental abuse, in Suffolk Family Court for 11 months after Lana’s death in February 2014."

They weren't cleared until January of 2015.  Until then their lives were hell!  Imagine having your baby harmed by others, not being able to be with her AS SHE LAY DYING and then having your other two children ripped from your family!  The emotional and mental stress, fear, sickening damage this does to the parents AND THESE KIDS.

The article went on to give a possible reason for the continuing case - ".... believe the Family Court case was pursued to pressure them into making a false confession and clearing the medical community of culpability."

Hmm.  Good point.  Something to ponder.

And the little curt response that Northwell Health gave makes me sick. “The loss of a child obviously is a tragedy, and we have extended our sympathies to the family,” spokesman Terry Lynam added.

I don't think they want your sympathy.  I think they'd rather have their daughter back.