She didn't ask ME but.....

This truly is just the coffee talking... as I'm sipping iced coffee enhanced with coffee flavored energy drops and waiting for the last 10 minutes of a load of laundry to finish.  Not in the mood to read the news, I clicked on Dear Abby, which I normally don't read but about once every 5 or 6 months I'll click if I need to pass a few minutes reading 'something'. 

Today I see this one:

DEAR ABBY: I do a lot of home canning, and last year our farm was very profitable. I canned more than 300 jars of jellies, juices, applesauce and soups. I gave many of these away as gifts.
My dilemma is, most of the time no one gives me the jars back. Canning jars are the most expensive part of canning. Would you please help me get the word out to return the jars when they are empty? — DEBBIE IN DERBY, N.Y.

DEAR DEBBIE: I’m glad to put out the word. But don’t you think it would be more effective if you simply asked that the jars be returned if the recipients want to continue receiving these generous gifts from you? Attaching a “Please return to (blank)” label might help.

Seriously?  'Debbie' complains to Dear Abby that no one gives canning jars back when she's given them a food gift in them?  Wow.  Let me say that my grandmother's canned, my Dad and Mom canned, and yes, I can.  We give gifts of pickles, jams, jellies, and the meal in a jar mixes and layered baked good mixes in them as gifts and NO ONE I know in my own family or my circle of friends who home-can EVER 'expect' the jars back.  Ever.  And if you DO want your jars back (which is fine if that's what you want) then for pete's sake just ASK when you give the gift or put a cute little label on the jar.

Too simple for her to figure out???


Very hot drinks 'probably' cause cancer???

If you missed it, this news article shares that apparently a UN agency shared that if you like your coffee hotter than 150 degrees, it may cause cancer.  That sucks for me because I like mine 190 degrees.  And if it's cooled down, the taste changes and I don't like it anymore.

According to what I read, it's not just coffee; it's any hot drink hotter than 150 degrees - including tea.

Interesting... but I'm not about to give up my hot, strong, black coffee yet!

Source: https://www.yahoo.com/news/very-hot-drinks-probably-cause-cancer-un-body-084306984.html

Paris (AFP) - Very hot drinks probably increase the risk of cancer, a UN agency said Wednesday, but coffee -- once feared to be a carcinogen -- is safe if enjoyed at "normal" temperatures.

Tea and mate, a popular South American herbal infusion, may also be harmful if drunk hotter than 65 degrees Celsius (150 degrees Fahrenheit), the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) reported.

"It doesn't matter what the liquid is," said epidemiologist Dana Loomis, who took part in a review of the world's most popular hot beverages. "What matters is the temperature."

With more than 1.1 billion cups of coffee consumed around the world every day, the industry welcomed the beverage's removal from the list of "possibly cancerogenic" substances.

"Today we can brew or buy a cup with even more confidence thanks to science," said Bill Murray, president of the US-based National Coffee Association.

The Institute for Scientific Information on Coffee, which closely tracks research in this field, said coffee is typically consumed below 60 C.

"IARC's assessment on very hot beverages is therefore not associated with normal coffee consumption," secretary general Roel Vaessen said in a statement.  The IARC amassed all the available scientific literature -- more than 1,000 studies -- on cancer and coffee or mate, also popular in the Middle East.

Both drinks had been classified as "possibly cancerogenic to humans" since 1991, when the last evaluation was done.
But evidence gathered since then could not link either drink -- at "normal serving temperature" -- to an elevated cancer risk, said the IARC, an agency of the UN's World Health Organization (WHO).

For some types of cancer, there are clues that coffee may even be beneficial.

A few studies, the agency said, showed a positive association with a lower risk of cancer of the uterus, liver and breast.
Taken together, the available data suggested "there is inadequate evidence in humans for the carcinogenicity of coffee drinking," it concluded.

As for mate -- typically drunk piping hot -- the IARC found that high temperature, not the drink itself, was probably behind an observed link with cancer of the gullet -- the pipe that transports food and fluids from the throat to the stomach.
Mate is often sipped through a metal straw that delivers the infusion directly to the throat.

"The single study that examined cold mate drinking showed no association with oesophageal cancer," the agency said.
This prompted the reviewers to look at research into cancer and hot beverages other than mate.

In places such as China, Iran, Turkey and South America, tea or mate is traditionally drunk at about 70 C, as are milky teas in parts of Africa and central Asia. Many of these regions have elevated gullet cancer rates.

The data pointed to "significantly increased relative risks for drinking very hot tea and very hot beverages," the agency found.

And in lab studies, water at 65-70 C boosted oesophageal tumours in mice and rats.

The analysis concluded that "very hot" beverages were "probably cancerogenic to humans".

Partly due to a lack of research, the IARC could not make any finding for drinking very hot water.

"It is too speculative at this point," Loomis told journalists prior to the report's release.

The research had taken account of lifestyle factors that could have skewed the data, such as participants' alcohol or tobacco use -- high risk factors for oesophageal cancer.

The analysis does not measure the degree of risk associated with drinking very hot tea or coffee.

According to the WHO, cancer of the food pipe accounts for about 400,000 deaths out of eight million total cancer deaths every year.

Outside experts pointed out that most people in Europe and the United States contracted a different type of oesophageal cancer to those in Asia and South America.

"Besides, most people in the UK drink tea with milk, which lowers the temperature of the drink to a safe level," Tim Underwood, a professor in surgery at the University of Southampton, said via the Science Media Centre.

For Colin Berry, a pathologist from the Queen Mary University of London, the report said nothing about how many hot drinks would have to be consumed to raise cancer risk.

"Without knowing what exposure and for what time, the information does not give you any useful information about which group might be at risk of what..." he said.


Last one - Part 3 in my series of Coffee Themed T-shirts for Men

Final coffee themed men's t-shirts post for Father's Day!  Whew.  I had to do 3 of them because I found too many that I thought were pretty cool.  This one has 3 different Star Wars themed coffee versions because they were similar, but different.  Plus, that second black Star Wars t-shirt option comes in either black or blue.

For guys that enjoy their t-shirts... and their coffee.

Star Wars Coffee - May the froth be with you Star Wars T-Shirt
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Part 2 - Coffee Themed T-shirts for Men!

If you already saw part one, you'll know why there is a part 2.  Because I went looking for coffee themed t-shirts for guys and found more than just a 'couple' and I wanted to point you in the direction of more of them that I found!  I thought they were cool, so you know, you might too.

Here is part 2 of this theme:  Coffee themed t-shirts for guys

Coffee Lovers Gift Ideas Answer is More Coffee What was the Question T-Shirt
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Men's Coffee Themed T-shirts - Part 1 (including an American Sign Language Coffee T-shirt!)

With Father's Day coming up I decided I'd post a couple coffee-themed t-shirts because they are just super cool, and guys like t-shirts (usually more than a tie) and well, you know, anything with a coffee theme is a good thing.  But... as I started to look for coffee themed t-shirts I found like, a bajillion of them that I liked.  So, I've decided perhaps this is going to be a 3-part post.

Here is part 1...  various coffee themed t-shirts I found that I thought were kind of cool. They're all available through Amazon too, so that's double cool.

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Coffee - ASL - Sign Language - Coffee Lover Men's T-Shirt
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