Fill N Brew Filters - review (not sponsored - I bought them myself)

Do you still have one of these bad boys?  One of the first 'my k-cup' reuseable cups Keurig came out with way back when.  They work ok - but ours has been pushed to the back of the cupboard for years.  The flavor wasn't quite up to par with our favorite k-cups but also, they are just so messy!  Wet grinds that stick in the filter and you have to bang it against the side of the trash can get the wet grinds to come out.  Then, walk over to the sink and have to rinse it out.

While at the grocery store, I was looking at some disposable k-cup style cups with filters; but I just didn't like the idea of throwing out the disposable cups - I might as well just buy the darn k-cups if I'm going to assemble a plastic cup, filter and lid myself.  But there, hanging on a clip strip next to them was a little package of filters. TALL Filters;  like, taller than the average usual resuable cup and more like the 'old' tall reuseable cup I had in my cupboard at home.  It was worth a try!  It would solve my 'messy grinds' problem!

I bought them.  They are called Fill n' Brew filters.  You can see form my photo above they show you using the filter with the filter cup inside the long plastic reusable cup.  I wasn't sure how that would work, but I gave it a go.  As you can see...  the filter, in the permanent filter cup is just so tall.  I tried it; and you have to kind of squish the paper filter down or try to fold it over, which doesn't work and is too much hassle.

An easy fix?  I ignored the photo on their product label and completely took the metal and plastic filter out and set it aside.  It's not needed since you are using a paper filter instead of their metal/plastic filter.   By taking out the cup, just pop the paper into the long plastic reuseable cup.  Fill with your favorite ground coffee and put the top on.

Use as usual (you have to take the k-cup holder out of your machine - it pops right out if you press up from the bottom - and then you simply place your reusable cup in it.)  Brew as usual.  No grinds in your coffee, and the coffee actually brews a little better as the water is in contact with the grinds longer so you get a better brew than the quick straight shot through in the shorter cups.

To clean, just grab the sides of the paper filter and pull it out and toss the filter and grounds in the trash.  Easy peasy!

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So perhaps I will start wearing my tall rubber boots in the yard after all. (Copperhead skin shed - a full shed) Pretty if you like that sort of thing. I don't.

I've got some freshly brewed coffee here, and thought I'd sit down for a little chat.

It's a sunny Sunday afternoon and I decided although it's wicked hot outside, I love the heat, I love the sun and a nice break would feel lovely.  I grabbed a nice thick book to read (Little Women if you are interested) and headed out off to the deck to the patio, where we have a hammock set up.

That's about as far as I got on that book.  Didn't even crack it open.

My husband always chides me for going in our woods or down by the creek, barefoot.  I can't really help it as I don't usually plan to go into the woods.  It's just that I think I'll step out onto the deck for a nice sip of coffee and a morning sunrise and suddenly I'll think;  "I should go check on those blueberry bushes"  "I could just go pull some of those weeds"  or the dogs take off running into the woods and there I go, running after them, calling them back.  It happens.  So I rarely, rarely ever remember to slip on my rubber boots and for the past 4 1/2 years we've lived here my answer to the husband is;  "I've been in those woods numerous times and I've never, ever seen a snake!"  (We DO have lots of them around; and I've had a huge black King Snake living in our wood pile - which I loved because they are the good guys and eat bad guys.  We've had rattlers and copperheads but never close to the house.  Only down in the ditch by the road or dead in the road.)  

Welp...  yeah.

So Mr. Copperhead left his clothes  on our patio last night. A nice full, complete suit.

The single anal gland scale (not divided)

The little pit (heat sensor) between the eye and the nose

Single row of scales at the bottom; not the split 'double' scale row.  Double is good (not venomous) while the single row of scales is venomous.

Mr. Copperhead is just shy of 3 feet.

Oh!  I should probably add.  From what I can find in researching, some people say sulfur and mothballs get rid of them as they can't stand the smell.  But every 'professional' site claims this is false and doesn't do a thing.  Then again, they are hoping you will call them to pay them for pest removal services so, perhaps they have an ulterior motive?  But nonetheless, a way of trapping that has been suggested is large glue strips.  I've got a bunch of heavy duty glue strips left from a pest control company and I figured I'd lay those out first - on the direct path next to the foundation leading towards the deck, that Mr. Copperhead was taking last night when he shed his clothing.  If I can get him that way, that will solve a host of problems and if he's stuck well enough, I can use my machete on him...  if this doesn't work or he avoid the glue strips, then I'll go to plan B.  I don't have a plan B yet but I'll come up with it.


Review of the Melitta JavaJig (Not Sponsored)

Today I had to go to the grocery store and coffee is on the list as we are almost out.  I decided I'd really like to get my current favorite from the grocery store if they had a decent price or sale, because the cost of the Pike Place at Sam's Club is a bit steep and I'm not in the mood for their store brand right now.  I was out of luck.  The brand I wanted was full price and right now our budget is stretched pretty tight... so $9 for a pack of 10 k-cups wasn't going to to work out for me.  I decided I would have to cough up the money at Sam's Club for box of store brand, but then I took a better look at some of the reuseable k-cups.

I already own the Keurig brand reuseable k-cup and it's fine... but I rarely use it.  I don't particularly care for the taste of the coffee and it's a pain in the butt to empty and rinse out all those stupid little grinds.  But I kept looking at the Melitta brand cup and what I liked about the package was it came with 2 cups... and 30 filters.


For the cost of a package of 2 reusable cups with 30 filters, I could get one box of 10-12 k-cups.
What the heck, I'll try it.

It is important to note that I do not have a Keurig 2.o - I just have a regular Keurig that takes regular k-cups.

Here is the starter package with 2 reuseable cups included:

Melitta JavaJig Reusable Coffee Filter System 32 pc WLM

  • Reusable Coffee Filter System for use with Most Keurig Inc. Style Single Serve Coffee Brewers
  • Kit includes 2 reusable cups & 30 Melitta coffee filters.
  • Simple to use and ready in seconds.
  • Economical alternative to one use disposable cups.
  • Saves money...approximately 50% per cup when you use your own favorite coffee or loose tea.
  • Quick and easy to clean; just remove and discard filter; rinse and reuse holder.
  • Eco-friendly, recyclable and BPA free.

*Melitta JavaJig® and Melitta Products Are Not Affiliated with or Approved By Keurig Inc. 

*Will Not Fit in Keurig® VUE® Brewing System.

I assumed I was going to like using it, and we would go through the 30 filters pretty quickly so I bought a package of filters today as well.  You can get them pretty good priced at Amazon as well, like this 4 pack of 60 each for a total of 240 filters.

Melitta 63229 Single Serve Coffee Filters For JavaJigTM 60 Count (Pack of 4)



Here is a picture I took of the back of the box.

Doing just as the instructions said, I placed the black ring on the counter, prongs up.
I laid a paper filter over.
Pushed the green cup on it.
Perfect and presto!

I had a perfectly fit filter in my JavaJig!

I filled with some freshly ground Columbian coffee and put the lid on.

I popped into my Keurig, brewed a cup and then wanted to see how easy the clean up was - because that is the part I hate about my current My K-cup.  The wet grounds.

Here is the cup with the lid off.  You can see it looks like any reuseable k-cup.

I pulled the top off to get to the filter and ooops - the top is packed with wet grinds - ready to fall onto my counter if I'm not careful and jostle it!  I carefully put it BACK on the cup and.............

... gave it 2 whacks on the counter to knock the grounds back down off the edge of the rim and into the cup.

Let's try this again...  clean!  Much, much better. 

I took the cup to the trash bin, pushed the filter out with my finger and as you can see in the photo, no grounds were left to bother with.  Clean, quick and easy.  I liked that!

I'm pretty happy with this product; so much so that I would actually entertain the idea of buying 1 or 2 more packages of reusable cups so I could make up 6 cups in a row without having to empty or refill (because I'm just lazy like that in the morning when I want to brew quick).

Thumbs up!  And I do not feel like this was money wasted at all.  As a matter of fact, I can almost guarantee my college daughter is going to ask me to take one of the cups to college with her next week... I bet ya.

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