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I was livid this morning when I checked the mail. I got a letter in the mail addressed to “dog owner”. An anonymous complaint had been filed that lots of barking was coming from my residence. It was totally bogus! Someone had complained that two dogs were barking at my house. I logged onto the website that was provided to look up my case number using my cambridge wireless internet connection. So the complaint was anonymous and the person had complained that two dogs were excessively barking in my yard on 3/13. I only have one dog, who I am at home with most of the time and who never really barks. I think the thing that made me the most angry is that one of the neighbors would file an anonymous complaint. The courteous thing to do would be to stop by my house and ask me about it. Some people are just big cowards! All it would take would have been a simple knocking on the door and politely expressing concern! It is so annoying!

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