Melitta Ready Set Joe Single Cup Coffee Brewer

The Melitta Ready Set Joe Single Cup Coffee Brewer - when you want to brew fresh tasting coffee one cup at a time.


  1. Wait a minute, isn't that the same kind of vehicle you drive?
    LOL, just teasing. Made me smile, which I muchly need this morning, thanks.

    1. I tease my younger daughter who is now planning on 'marrying rich' because the boy she is head over heels about is sooooo not rich and I believe, plans to live in the Midwest and be a police officer. Not exactly the life of a millionaire. He'll have a starting salary of about $28,000 perhaps. LOL. Hmmm.

      Oh well. That is the plan THIS MONTH. We'll see what the big plan is next month. She'll probably decide to be a veterinarian or something next month!

      As for the Boy Child - we were talking today and he said he would be out of his 1 bedroom dorm and into the 2 bedroom at the end of the month so he and his roommate can have a 2 bedroom dorm this Fall and their 3rd friend is moving in with them. ??? Ok.

      So I guess maybe he is seeing the flaw in his plan to 'just work at the Dollar Store or something....' LOL.



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