Cuisinart 9.5-x13-x12.3-in. Single Serve Compact Coffee Maker

Updated for 2017:  this item is no longer made but is sometimes able to be found on Amazon from various re-sellers. 

Introducing a personal brewer! The Cuisinart Single Serve makes fresh gourmet coffee, tea, hot cocoa and more in under two minutes. Innovative one-touch technology and hot water feature make it easier than ever to enjoy a wide array of hot beverages. With over two hundred varieties of Keurig K-Cups pre measured, premium brand coffees and teas available, the options are endless.

Compatible with Keurig K-cups


  1. I wonder if this will have all the benefits of the keurig without the problems. Must wait and see how it does.

  2. It seems Keurig has gotten better over the past 2 years from where they were say, 4 years ago when we had 3 machines in like, 2 months? LOL. The one we have now as been pretty good. Maybe they are working out the kinks and feeling the heat of some nice, healthy COMPETITION.

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