Bunn Coffee Brewer with 6 Warmers - 6 Pots of coffee at once

This morning I'm tired.  I'm on my 2nd cup of coffee and it's not doing anything for me yet.  When I decided on this mornings coffee product review, my eyes fell on this one and I kind of chuckled.  Yep, this is the one.  The coffee brewer I probably need today. 

Coffee For Less carries this one.

The Bunn 12 Cup Automatic Coffee Maker is a solution to your coffee and hot beverage needs at the office. It utilizes contemporary technology to ensure you an excellent hot beverage experience every time. The Bunn CWTF 12 Cup Automatic Coffee Brewer with 6 Warmers has all of the features that you would expect from such a high end hot beverage brewing device.

The Model CWTF 0/6 Twin. High volume, twin brew head system brews 13. 7 gallons of perfect coffee per hour in any of six individually controlled warming stations. Its all stainless steel construction includes hot water faucet, pour over feature on both sides, and low profile design.

Right now they are also offering a special;  Today through August 31st receive free shipping on all orders of $45 or more at CoffeeForLess.com

So, it's a little pricy for this coffee drinker - and really, ok, I admit, I might not actually 6 pots of coffee today...  but for a care facility, office or other venue?  Perfect.