Caramel and Coconut Milk Shakes with Somoa Flavored Coffee Creamer

(This is my Mr. Coffee Frappe Machine... but you can use a blender!)

I love finding new recipe ideas but I can go through printer ink like there is no tomorrow printing all the recipes off, so sometimes I scribble them down by hand.  Other times I copy them to a word document to 'print later when I have plenty of ink to spare' (which is never) and still other times I bookmark the site in my browser under a file "recipes" so I can go back to it.

And do you know what happens about half the time?  I go back to the recipe and it's GONE.  The website has moved or deleted the page so I get a 404 page not found.  There went a recipe I wanted. I have to be honest, I didn't recall saving this one, but I saw it in my files, saved from the Coffee-Mate site. 

BUT the reason I had an interest in this one was that I was going to tweak it to a COFFEE DRINK.

By using these basic ingredient ideas but tweaking it with 1/2 cup strong brewed coffee or espresso in my Mr. Coffee Frappe Maker,I was going to have a yummy Caramel and Coconut Coffee Milk Shake.   And just in case they take the recipe off their site, I didn't want it to get 'lost'.  And if they don't have the coffee creamer, no worries.  Torani Syrups work wonders and make amazing drinks, and as of today's posting I did find the powdered Girl Scout Coffee-Mate online at Amazon (see the bottom of this post for the link).

Caramel and Coconut Milk Shakes

2 cups vanilla or chocolate light ice cream
1 cup refrigerated unsweetened coconut milk (not canned) or lowfat 1% milk
2 tablespoons NESTLÉ® Coffee-Mate GIRL SCOUTS® Caramel & Coconut Flavor Liquid Coffee Creamer
1 tablespoon caramel syrup or NESTLÉ La Lechera Dulce de Leche (squeezable bottle)
Toasted coconut flakes (optional)
Chocolate shavings (optional)

Place ice cream, milk and Coffee-mate in blender; cover. Blend until smooth. Swirl caramel syrup around inside of 2 glasses. Divide milk shake between glasses. Garnish milk shakes with coconut and chocolate.
*I will be adding 1/2 cup strong, black coffee or espresso to make this a yummy coffee version!!!

Torani Sugar Free Coconut Syrup, 750mL Nestle Coffee-mate Girl Scouts Caramel & Coconut Powdered Non-dairy Creamer 15 Ounce
Torani Caramel Sauce, 16.5 oz Squeeze Bottle
Torani Caramel Syrup, 750 ml