Help me find the name of this horror movie? - The only real hint I have is the t-shirt the actress wore through most of the movie

In some ways the internet is pretty darn small.  In other ways it's huge and never ending.  
Although this 'quest' for me has been ongoing for about 5 years now, I've decided this morning (after 4 cups of coffee and 2 hours spent searching) that I was going to give it up to the internet and see if anyone out there might know the name of this horror movie.  Hoping the internet is big enough for someone out there to recall this movie and help me out.

In the spring or summer of 2012 (?) I watched a low-level horror movie.  It was not a new release or anything like that but I'm guessing it was released sometime between 2007 - 2011 because I don't recall it being 'old' or dated. 

OK now the difficult part.  The very (very) few details of the movie....

  • It was a horror movie.
  • It was not a big hit nor a well known movie - I don't recall ever seeing it released in theaters, but I sometimes live under a rock, so maybe it was (?).
  • The main character was a dark haired actress - late teens or early twenties.
  • The main actress spent a good portion of the movie clad only in a t-shirt and underwear. Not in a sexy way but in a 'I'm not getting dressed today" way.
  • I believe she may have had to go live with a relative?  I don't recall parents being in the movie but maybe a grandmother?
  • The movie was set in her house a lot and filming was 'dark' with low lighting - but I don't recall if it was a zombie, vampire or monster movie.  
  • It was not a thriller, pyscho, torture or slasher movie - nothing like that.  Just a regular old horror movie.
  • The supporting character may have been a younger sibling or a best friend or neighbor - can't recall.
  • I think the main character was either going through depression or sadness - very unhappy, depressed personality

Now for the important part....


I mentioned the lead character was wearing a t-shirt and underwear a lot of the time.
First I noticed and thought;  "How come she's wearing the same exact outfit ALL the time and never bothers to change or get dressed?  It's the same little old, worn t-shirt."
And then I saw the LOGO on the t-shirt.
It is a white t-shirt with orange lettering.  It says "COMETS" on it with a swooshing comet across the chest and the city/town name on it.

The final hint:   I texted a relative while I was watching the movie because they live in the tiny town that was featured on the t-shirt and I thought that was crazy that a Hollywood film would have this random old school t-shirt from a little bitty town in the middle of nowhere.  I recall being embarrassed to text him though - because the name of the movie didn't sound like a 'horror' movie but almost sounded like an adult movie or porn.  It wasn't at all (I don't even know that the movie had any sex scenes in it - I don't recall) but the title of the movie SOUNDED like it so when I texted him I remember saying specifically;  "I was watching a horror movie called....."   instead of just saying 'I was watching a movie'.


I've looked online off and on for 5 years for this movie.
I've searched through hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of movie lists and descriptions trying to see if they ring a bell.
I've spent hours reading through horror movie lists and looking at movie 'covers' to see if it looks or sounds familiar.

It's not an obvious movie.  It's not a big hit movie.  It was just a probably 'straight to video' horror movie (and I'm thinking maybe vampires....) with a stupid 'adult movie' sounding name even though it wasn't adult in any shape, way or form.  And that t-shirt is the real clue.  A little white, well worn, high school logo t-shirt with 'comets' on it.