Has Santa Had a Little Too Much to Drink? LOL

In my own childhood I think I had just photo of me with Santa. I was 3 or 4 years old and lived in a tiny, itty-bitty town in the middle of the heartland of America. One year Santa arrived at our home in a pickup truck decked out with lights and lit up reindeer. He ho-ho-ho'd and my parents had him sit in our big green living room chair and my baby brother and I took turns sitting on his lap and telling him what we wanted for Christmas. I was painfully shy back then and wouldn't speak to anyone but my parents (not even extended family members) so the lone photo we have of that night is me sitting far back on his knee with my feet extended to the floor and I'm pulling back and giving him a very, very skeptical look.

The highlight of that evening was that he gave out a cherry sucker on a round looped lolly pop holder and I still remember the taste of that cherry candy and how it made my tongue and lips red.

However! The strongest memory of that night was the fact that I knew he was not Santa Claus. I saw some of his dark brown hair peeking out from under his cap and white haired wig. The brown hair coupled with his pick-up truck and missing sleigh led me to know he was an impostor. I remember this is what made me not trust him and made me look so dubious in the photo. Later, I whispered to my parents, sure I was letting them in on a big discovery that would crush them, but I had to let them know that.... "That wasn't really Santa!"


After discovering my sleuthing skills at such a young age, they told me I was right; it wasn't Santa Claus. Santa was much too busy making toys at the North Pole and so he sends out his elves to visit the children. Ohhh! So that was it! And the magical bubble of Santa Claus lasted about another 3 or 4 years until I finally asked my parents for the truth and they admitted I was right.

With this little memory in mind I couldn't help but post two photos I saw in a slide show of bad Santa photos. I just couldn't help but grin at these; priceless gems from the internet.