An alert NOT to purchase Grove Square brand Coffee for Keruig... it is terrible INSTANT coffee

Grove Square coffee for Keurig is NOT ACTUALLY REAL GROUND COFFEE!  Don't waste your money!!!

Yesterday I chose to visit Super Walmart so I could get household items and groceries in the same stop.  While shopping quickly to fill my cart I needed coffee for my Keurig and quickly scanned the choices that said "Dark Roast"  or "Bold Roast" on the box.  While I was happy to grab "Dark Magic" by Green Mountain, I spied a 'new to me' brand I hadn't noticed before;  Grove Square.

Cute box design with an old fashioned feel of nostalgia, it said on the box it was for Keurig brewers and was 'Deep Roast'.  I put it in the cart but noticed it felt lighter then the Dark Magic.  I compared the two, noted to my daughter that it felt funny, it rattled a little and was lighter.  She felt it as well.  I thought they packaged it wrong and perhaps only put 12 cups in instead of 18?  But checking three other boxes, they were all lighter.  Odd.  But glancing at the packaging it looked just like all the other K-cups we've bought and it was one of the few offered by our Super Walmart Coffee Aisle that said it was a DARK roast (verses the breakfast blends, medium roasts, decaf and light roasts).

In a hurry, I threw it in and went on.

Last night I was ready to relax with a cup of coffee and an old Doris Day movie for some 'me' time.  I brewed the Grove Square and smelled it.

It looked and smelled like...  INSTANT coffee.

Oh no.

That explains it.  The lightness of the box.  The rattling sound.

I got the box out to see if it said INSTANT on it.

It did not.

In VERY small print it said it was micro-roasted and it was soluble.

That was the ONLY clue that what I spend $$$ on and what I bought was a cheap imitation.

No one in their right mind would buy instant coffee for Keurig.  The fact that Keurig brews one cup at a time in a minute makes it almost like having 'instant' coffee only it's freshly brewed REAL coffee.

I checked out the maker of this product and it RIPS OFF 'REAL' foods for a living!  They have a 'quick' and cheap website thrown up just as fast as what they explain their business is... will tell you on their homepage their business is;

"....  Sturm Foods is committed to innovate and rapidly introduce new products..."    Catch those tags?  Innovate and rapidly introduce new products.  In other words;  see what is hot in the market and then quickly make a FAKE product that LOOKS like the real thing in order to screw over as many people as we possibly can in as short amount of time as we can before someone sues us.  (Which I've read online this morning that Keurig is attempting to do!).

If you WANT instant coffee, purchase the little jar of Instant Folgers or even Via by Starbucks, but for heaven's sake, don't waste your money like I did!

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