Keurig number... five? I've lost count. Why don't they work!?


Last night as my husband was unboxing our latest Keurig, fresh from the store, I had to laugh and I asked him, "WHY DO WE LOVE OUR KEURIGS SO MUCH???"

Keurig B60 Special Edition Gourmet Single-Cup Home-Brewing SystemYes we are on our 4th or 5th machine now in oh, what has it been dear readers?  Two years?  Maybe three.

Our latest replacement  Keurig Special Edition comes after I started to notice about a month or two ago that sometimes our machine seemed to be making the 'sucking sound' as if it were sucking up water to heat and then brew the coffee, but the water in the reservoir wasn't going down as it should and I would get random amounts of coffee in my cup.  I always choose the largest, 10 oz. size but I would get anywhere from 3 to 8 oz.   Since this was randomly happening and other times it worked fine, we didn't do anything about it.

Over the past two weeks however, it started to leak.  At first I thought perhaps we were just spilling the water as we poured it into the reservoir but I would be very careful, testing this theory and it didn't pan out.  The amounts puddled on the front and side of the machine varied;  from small 1-2 inch wide strips to a huge 10 inch by 10 inch puddle.  Usually found in the morning after it had sat all night or when we arrived home from work in the evening.

Twice, our mail that was sitting nearby got wet and finally, this week I had printed two restaurant coupons out for restaurants I knew we might visit for my birthday and when I arrived home from work they were completely drenched and ruined, as well as the ink smeared all over my white counter top.

It was official.  Our Keurig leaked far too much to ignore.

Luckily we had purchased a service plan with it so we are able to return it to the store.  Yesterday that baby went back and last night we got our fourth or fifth Keurig...  to be honest I've lost count.  Darn it all that we love the taste of Keurig brewed coffee this much!  When it works; it's worth it.