Newman's Own K-cups for Keurig - a Blend of Medium and Dark Roast Beans

I was sipping Neuman's coffee this morning and noticed that overnight our trees have gotten green buds on them.  I was so excited!  (Just this week we had snow again.)

I took a freshly brewed cup of coffee and headed out to the backyard patio and sat on a bench in the warm breeze and enjoyed a nice, quiet morning.  I wanted to share it with my husband so I called him at work and he had me put the cellphone up to my coffee mug so he could inhale the aroma and enjoy the moment with me.  LOL.

A hearty, full-bodied blend of medium and dark roasts. Bold yet refined. Strong, yet smooth. A Fair Trade Certified, organic coffee that tastes great and the chance to make a difference.

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