Tully's House Blend K-Cups for Keurig... Not for Me but I Bet the General Population Would Like Them (Chocolate Mentioned)

Tully's Coffee House Blend 4 Boxes of 24 K-Cups When you purchase a new Keurig coffee brewer, it often times (depending on the model) comes with a variety of coffee's to get you started.  Yesterday we had to get a new machine and it came with a handful of coffee's, one of which was Tully's House Blend .

Most house blends I've found to be similar to breakfast blends;  light and generally easy to sip to make the overall population happy.  This house blend however, surprised me.

At first I couldn't put my finger on the undertone flavor that made it unappealing to me.  I noticed the flavor was a bit different than my normal bold, dark roasts and there was something that gave my tongue and mouth a 'dry' feeling after swallowing.  I decided it was a coffee I thought my husband would like better than I.

It was only after coming to Coffee Talking to post about this flavor coffee that I looked up the link on Amazon and read the description.  The mystery of the undertone I was detecting was solved and also the reason my mouth was a bit dry and I didn't care for it as I do other coffees; 

This coffee boasts a distinct brightness in the forefront, yet it is well rounded throughout. The bitter chocolate flavor is calmed by sweet caramel undertones and finishes with a lingering astringency. This coffee is friendly enough to drink black but just as friendly with a touch of milk and sweetener.

Dark chocolate.  Bitter chocolate.

As soon as I read that in the description I knew they nailed it.  Although you can't taste the chocolate, it's there, lingering.  And as all my regular readers know, I do not like chocolate.  Especially dark chocolate.  Unlike many people (my own family included) I don't crave it, like it nor eat it and I don't care for dark chocolates in the least.

I was surprised a 'house' blend would use chocolate and caramel as even though it's light, it's still there, and those of us who like our coffee bold and black would not appreciate given flavored coffee.  But it's a lesson learned for me.  While I do think the general population might like this coffee as the chocolate and caramel undertones are slight and would appeal to most peoples tastes;  for those of us who spurn flavored coffee's in general and like a deep, rich, bold, black coffee, this is not one for us.