Via Instant Coffee by Starbucks; Ummm, Better Than Office Coffee (which is sad, really)

5:28 am - the day starts.

Starbucks VIA(TM) Ready Brew Colombia Coffee by Starbucks Coffee (12 pack) Bianca has Driver's Education Class before school so our days start at 5:30 am and unfortunately, today is also a 12 hour day at work as I have to cover a meeting tonight.  Good thing I bought Via by Starbucks at the grocery store this weekend.  Yeah, it does have an instant taste to it, but it's still better than 'office coffee'.  I keep an 8-count package in my purse for emergencies.  

Yesterday I wrote an email to the company that produces the Grove Square 'fake' coffee they are trying to pass off as real.   They emailed back to say they would refund my money.  You know, I wouldn't have a problem with their fake coffee if they put anywhere on the box, the fact that it was instant coffee.  (Amazon does now list it in some of their title descriptions for the product) but they have designed their product to deliberately mislead the consumer by picturing the Keurig k-cup design, saying it's designed for Keurig brewers and describing their product as if it were a 'real' fresh, ground coffee.  Only in very, very fine print does it mention the words 'microroasted and soluble' but never, not once does it say instant.  Buyer beware you are paying k-cup prices for cheap, instant, horrible tasting coffee.

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