What I'm currently reading...... The Rapture by Liz Jensen

The Rapture 

Started to read The Rapture by Liz Jensen on Monday night and I have to admit that I was interested when I read the book jacket but by the time I got to page 10 I was regretting my decision.  By page 20 I was thinking this particular writer sucked and around page 40 was thinking the story seemed pretty good but it was too bad this author was hacking it to death with a writing style that grated on my nerves. 

From Publishers Weekly:

Apocalyptic global climate change fuels Jensen's terrifying near-future tale about the human will to survive or, in the case of Bethany Krall, a psychic psychotic teen who stabbed her mother to death, the will to embrace death. Bethany, a patient at Oxsmith Adolescent Secure Psychiatric Hospital in Hadport, England, forms a strong bond with her wheelchair-bound psychologist, Gabrielle Fox. As Gabrielle treats her patient, the world outside the hospital suffers natural disasters foreseen by Bethany after ECT shock therapy. Meanwhile, Bethany has been traumatized by the Faith Wave views of her father, Rev. Leonard Krall, who believes the Rapture is approaching. Since Bethany is convinced she bears the mark of the beast, she fears she won't go to heaven. Gabrielle seeks help from Frazer Melville, a physicist who takes Bethany's catastrophe calendar seriously. In gorgeous prose, Jensen (Egg Dancing) paints a depressing but oddly hopeful portrait of a modern doomsday scenario. (Aug.)

Obviously others thought it better than I did (here are two reviews from the Amazon site);

"Combining the tensions of modern psychology with scientific speculation and social analysis in a speedy plot, Jensen put me rather in mind of Margaret Atwood …a cracking good read." --Sunday Telegraph

"Excellent...beautifully structured....an engaging thriller about a relevant contemporary issue while still respecting the reader’s brain cells… you’ll be gripped." -- Irvine Welsh, The Guardian

So I carried on.
Am now about 3/5 of the way through and I'm glad I stuck with it.  Perhaps I'm getting used to the way this particular author writes or perhaps I'm just sucked into the basic premise of the story but I certainly feel I have to keep reading to see how it ends. 

I'll let you know.