Movie and a Cup of Coffee?

This morning coffee started out with Dark Magic k-cups, but because they are expensive, I only allow myself 2 (sometimes 3... LOL) before I switch to the My k-cup and fill it with my own ground coffee.  So now I'm sipping Italian Roast Starbucks.  Pretty tasty.

You'll note a guest post or two on my blog.  I'm offered to post these with the understanding that I don't write them or edit them, I just post for other companies and/or people and I earn a few bucks for it.  I'm all for a couple extra bucks in my pocket so I do my best to look over the offers and see if there are any that match the topic of my websites.  I couldn't find any about coffee but figured as long as the topics and posts wouldn't be detrimental to my site at all, I'd post them.  I'll always let you know in the first line that it's a guest (paid) post though so you know I'm making a couple bucks by placing it there even though it's not my writing (which is pretty obvious if you actually read them). 

Dan in Real LifeAlthough I don't watch television and I can't sit long enough in front of one to watch a movie, I do enjoy watching movies on my laptop.  It allows me to easily multi-task.  I usually have 2 windows open;  one for the movie and one for reading the news or doing something else at the same time.   I typically go for horror and Sci-fi but last night I went for a drama/comedy instead.   "Dan in Real Life" was surprisingly good for being a movie I had never heard of before even though I think it came out in 2007? 

It wasn't a typical guy-comedy with over the top crude humor but it wasn't a chick-flick either.  Dan in Real Life is about a single father who meets a woman in a bookstore and instantly they hit it off.  After sharing coffee, a muffin and conversation, she gets a phone call that reminds her that she has to leave as she was on her way to visit her new boyfriend and his family.  She hurries off and Dan hurries back to the family home as well, only to find that the girl he has fallen in love with is his brothers new girlfriend.  This is where the comedy comes in as they struggle to pretend they don't already know each other and spend the weekend with the large, extended family.

For this zombie-loving girl, what a surprise to like a drama/comedy so much!

Anyway... I'm off to throw in a load of laundry, get dressed for the day, change the sheets and do other mundane tasks that are vying for my attention.  Have a great day all!