My Island Coconut Coffee Update

Remember my post last weekend when I ordered 7 boxes of coffee?  They were delivered yesterday!  Yeah!  I was so excited to try them, so the first one I brewed last night was the one I had been thinking about since I placed the order;  Island Coconut.   I first tested the aroma.  I put it in the Keurig and punctured the top, opened the brewer lid and inhaled.

Eh.  Not much to write home about.  I guess based on the reviews I was expecting a nice, deep, rich aroma.  Not so much.

I brewed and and inhaled.  Still not impressed.  Oh, I could smell a hint of coconut in there, but it wasn't what I was expecting.

I tasted.  It was a very typical flavored coffee.  The hint of coconut was there, hidden beneath a little bit of bitterness.  Many times you have to add a bit of sweetness to bring out the flavor in coffees so I added a bit of sugar free almond syrup.  Sipped.  Nothing.  Added 1/2 packet of Splenda.  It brought out the flavor a little more but I realized the coffee reviews are only as good as the reviewers.  Many had exclaimed about the rich flavor of coconut coming through and others said it was dull.  I guess each to their own!

I thought it was "fine" but not outstanding.

Later that evening I brewed it over ice.  Using a cup full of ice and the 6 oz. setting I brewed it over ice and added splenda and vanilla.  I think it was better this way than hot brewed, but only just.

In the end I think the Island Coconut is fine and 'good' but don't expect the flavor to be a burst of island goodness.  Instead, think;  typical flavored coffee.  Ok but not anything unexpectedly good.