One Odd Trick to Stay Asleep All Night???

If you've read any major news source in the past month you may have noticed the ads on the side of the pages and one in particular that I notice and started to make fun of is always titled;  One Odd Trick to Stay Asleep All Night.

What caught my eye was the stupid photos they put with it.  Photo's that have NOTHING to do with what the ad is for.  They always put big chested females trying to look sexy on the ads.


What do big chested females trying to look sexy have to do with trying to stay asleep all night?

Look at my big chest!
I got it from getting a good nights sleep!?

Let's fix each others hair while sitting half
dressed in a field!  This will show people how
to get a good nights sleep!

Those are just three that I print screen saved but others are similar... including one of two females sitting on a bed, barely clothed.

OMG.  Do they have 17 year old males writing these ads???  Because I'm NOT looking at those pictures and thinking to myself;  "Wow, they look like they got a good sleep last night!"

And for the record, I've never once clicked on their stupid ads either!  Ha.

Update:  Don't forget to check out how posing sexy with a bunny rabbit can help you sleep all night.