Fly Away: A great film that made me think

Beautiful morning!  Fall is right around the corner.  I can feel it.  I can smell it.

Fly AwayLast night before bed I scoured the internet for something to watch.  I stumbled upon a link to watch a movie I had never heard of, never knew existed, but loved so much as it made me think and gave me a glimpse into the lives of two of my friends.  Although neither of these friends have children with this form of autism, their special needs kids are still quite similar to the teenage character in this film; Fly Away and although I know what their lives are like on the surface, and had shared 'bits and pieces' with me, I got a more in depth look at the decisions they faced as their daughter's grew to be teens.   There were a couple parts of the movie I felt were a little idealized or not true to what the teen daughter's character would have been capable of doing (like the part when she asked about getting older and getting married) but then again, it's a film and I know the point they were making.  The moment when the parent and/or disabled teen realizes that their future doesn't hold the same hopes and dreams as someone without the disability.  And the end?  Yes, a little too 'sweet' and 'perfect' but then again they had to wrap up the movie some how right? 

It gave me much to think about and I find myself thinking about it even more this morning.

I like films that do that.

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