Mmmm Starbucks Sumantra Blend for Keurig this morning.....

A few weeks ago I saw they were coming out with K-cups for the Keurig by Starbucks.  Although I'm not a fan of Starbucks coffee in their coffeeshop (they always, always taste burnt to me, no matter the blend I order), I do like their coffee that I grind at home. 

When it finally hit the stores it was about 2 dollars higher than all the other coffee brands and choices, and it comes with fewer k-cups in the package so I avoided it.  This weekend I stumbled upon a $1.50 coupon off so I purchased it to try it.  And?  And it's pretty darn good.  Thumbs up.  Don't plan on buying it regularly until they come down off their high horse and lower the price to be comparable to everyone elses, or at least put just as many k-cups  in the package... but when they do, it's a product I would buy.

I have to bring my daughter to school right now so I'll be back in about an hour for 'coffee talk'!


  1. I used to find that problem with Starbucks up here when they first came to Canada. But now actually their dark roast is better than anything else on the market. Tim Horton's now tastes burnt and flat. Waves Coffee is too weak even in their darkest. Blenz same as Waves. It's funny watching their faces when ya ask for a dark roast, no room with an extra shot of expresso.

  2. Ah, I know this feeling - DH just found my Starbucks beans for $2 less per lb at Big Lots of all places! Have you looked there for the Keurig? Just an idea ;)

    Get back here and amuse us now! I am ready to start my second pot of coffee without you {sob}


Thanks for sharing morning coffee with me!