Grey, grey, grey or uh, grey......

Want to make your brain crazy?  Start looking at all the different shades of.... grey.

Actually, white is worse... especially if you are trying to match something.  But now that I'm dealing with shades of grey I'm amazed at how indecisive I am.

Too silver.
Too lilac.
Too blue.
Too dark.
Too shimmery.
Too light.
Too white.
Too purple.

I'm leaning towards Grey Heather or Pebble Grey by Glidden...  and I suspect I'm subconsciously not making decision in part, because once the decision is made there is no reason I should go buy the paint and start the job.  The big job.  A big bedroom.  With a tray ceiling.  And crown molding.

And the girl child is still waiting for me to start on her Victoria's Secret PINK bathroom stripes.

Kathy Lipke said... 
Just finished a clients master bedroom in grey, we chose Rocky Bluffs by Valspar. Earlier this year another client went with Dovetail by Sherwin Williams. Both colors were beautiful.

Response:  Thanks for the heads up on those two colors!  I checked them both out online.  I liked BOTH actually - but wonder if perhaps they will be a shade too dark.  I already have our bedding and curtains and they are a darker shade of grey so I was leaning towards the lighter grey to offset it.  However, I found a blog where the blogger posted photos of her Dovetail colored room and you are right - very nice!  Decisions....  do you realize you just ADDED two more shades to my already difficult decision?  bah ha ha!   j/k.  Thanks for the input!  I'm going to get a sample of Rocky Bluffs for my wall.