Ah, another consumerist oriented and entirely arbitrary, manipulative and shallow Hallmark holiday!

Hearts. Flowers. Candy. Chocolate.  All that crap.  Blah blah blah.  Alrighty then!  Now that we are finished with the mandatory mentioning of the Hallmark holiday today is, we can get on with our coffee!

On the flip side however, I got a really cool travel mug from the Husband for V-day.  Thankyougod he finally realized about 4 or 5 years ago to stop buying me chocolates when he's known for over 20 years; I hate chocolate.  He discovered shopping at Starbucks for birthdays and holidays a few years ago.  

While I'd be content with nothing on V-day - (no seriously... I'm completely good with not celebrating holidays that thrive on people feeling compelled to buy crap for someone on this day purely to avoid looking like an ass to everyone else if you don't) -  getting coffee based products is always a good choice on any day.

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