Birthday Cake Coffee

  White cake with white frosting is my favorite kind of cake and the blue swirled Birthday Cake flavored ice cream is pretty yummy too.  When it comes to coffee, you might not know there are also birthday cake flavored coffee on the market as well!

This morning my mind is on birthdays.  It's my son's birthday in just over a week so I have birthdays on the brain.  It's in honor of him that I decided on a whim, to post about birthday cake flavored coffee!

Although the aroma is like birthday cake, as with most flavored coffee, you usually have to add a touch of sweetness (whether that is a syrup, sugar or sugar-substitute) to bring out the flavor.  I don't like my coffee sweet so I only had a tiny bit - juuuust enough to bring out the flavor without crossing the line to 'sweet'. 

I only found 2 available on Amazon this morning to link to - and I've not had the Le Crema brand, but I have had Arbuckle's brand of coffees. 

La Crema Coffee Birthday Cake, 12-Ounce Packages (Pack of 2)
Arbuckle's Birthday Cake single pot coffee packets, best value, case of 30 packets