Hot Cocoa for Keurig - The One and Only Time I'll Recommend Grove Square Brand

Even though the temperatures are hovering at 100 degree's throughout most of the US anyway, this morning as I went outside on the deck with my morning coffee, there was a chill in the air.  Yes, it's August - and September and October will be here soon!  With them come the sights and scents of Autumn and the time of year when a lot of people start to want to sip hot cocoa (hot chocolate).

Today I'm featuring the Grove Square brand option.  I will never, ever, at any other time recommend you purchase this brand... for coffee.  Why?  Because a few years ago they wanted to capitalize on the k-cup style and rushed to market a very affordable, cheap option.  Sitting right there next to the other k-cups in the store, but on average was $2 - $3 cheaper.  Of course many people would choose it and only briefly think to themselves "Wow, this box feels a little lighter than the others....."   and only realize once they spent the money and got home that they just wasted their money on instant coffee.

Yes, inside the little cups was instant coffee.  If you are ok with drinking the nasty brown stuff that instant is, then why in the world would you invest in a Keurig anyway, right?  You don't need an expensive coffee brewing machine if you are content with instant.  But it was a marketing  scheme to make them oodles of money by unsuspecting shoppers.  So no... I do not recommend you buy their coffee.

But today is about cocoa.  And since cocoa is an instant product anyway and because they do cocoa much better than they do coffee....   it is an affordable option when it comes to brewing a cup of hot chocolate.  I personally prefer Swiss Miss or Green Mountain but I'm not a big fan of hot cocoa or hot chocolate.  However, there are actually people who prefer the Grove Square brand for this drink and for that I'm giving them kudos. 

Swiss miss Hot Cocoa, Milk Chocolate
Grove Square Hot Cocoa Cups, Dark
Green Mountain Coffee Hot Cocoa
Grove Square Hot Cocoa Cups, Milk Chocolate