My Personal Coffee Brewer? I use the Keurig Special Edition Model

Keurig B60 Special Edition Brewing System

I bought my first Keurig back in ....  I believe it would have been 2006.  I had had the best tasting cup of coffee EVER at of all places, my car dealership.  It was the fall of 2005, I was waiting for maintenance and embarrassed myself by trying to use their individualized coffee brewing system.  I thought I would have to take the little metal lid off the coffee's before brewing, so of course when I lowered the lid and the water shot into the cup, it went all over the place!   Luckily I was able to very quietly and carefully wipe up my mess, clean the grounds from the counter and try again.

This time I left the lid intact, brewed the coffee and....  wow.  It was truly the best coffee I had tasted.  I went home, looked it up online and told my husband THIS was our next coffee maker.

At the time you couldn't buy them 'anywhere' like you can now.  They were selling them on their website and you could get them for offices and places of business, but they were just starting to sell to the general population.  Luckily, by the time our coffee maker broke and started leaking about 6 months later, Best Buy had started to carry them and we purchased one (with black tie protection) and we have never looked back.  Originally they broke down pretty easily - we've had 4 or 5 now.  But our current model has lasted about 2 or 3 years now with heavy, daily use.  Back around 2009 we had one that only lasted 2 weeks.  But I think they have improved and tweaked a few issues they had earlier because the newer models seem to have a better track record.

From their product description:

The Special Edition Brewing System is our mid-luxury home brewing system that offers a blend of styling and convenient features. The Special Edition features chrome accents, a blue, back lit LCD display and three brew size options.

Programmable features include a Digital Clock, Adjustable Temperature and Auto On/Off. The 48-ounce removable water reservoir holds up to eight cups before refilling and for the removable drip tray allows for easy cleaning and the use of travel mugs.