What I'm Drinking: Barista Prima House Blend for Keurig

  I don't know if everyone does this, but my husband and I will love a certain coffee for a while and then suddenly - not so much.  For whatever reason it just doesn't taste good anymore and we move on to something else.  Right now, we are not growing tired of this one.

For the past few weeks, out of all the styles I keep on hand, we seem to be drawn to this one.  As a matter of fact I have my third hot, freshly brewed up of the morning sitting here in front of me as I type, just teasing me to hurry and finish the post so I can sip and relax.

It's the Barista Prima House Blend; 
  • Classically balanced, with a lively splash of citrus, subtle hints of bittersweet chocolate and a well rounded, toasted-nut finish
  • A roasty sweet, supremely satisfying taste evokes all the familiar comforts of your favorite coffeehouse
If you just want to try it out, I'd suggest this one;

Barista Prima House Blend K-Cup (24 count)

If you already know you love it, you can save money by investing in a larger purchase.

Barista Prima Coffeehouse House Blend 4 Pack of 24 K-Cups

For those of you with the new VUE brewer, this would be the cup size for you:

Barista Prima House Blend, Vue Packs for Keurig Vue Brewers (12 Count)