Pumpkin Spice Coffee!

This morning when I took our puppies outside, I enjoyed the quiet time in part because there was a chill in the air and Autumn was teasing me.  Although the temperatures might rise with the sun, the mornings were cool and beautiful and made me crave a good pumpkiny spice coffee with just a hint of splenda or perhaps a Torani vanilla syrup.   And that is how this morning's post was born!

The coffee above (in the brown bag) is the Pumpkin Spice, Decaffeinated Whole Bean Flavored Coffee in a 12-ounce Bag with hints of pumpkin, nutmeg and spices.  Perhaps a dollop of whipped cream would be good on this one! 

And this last version is for those who like their coffee organic and already ground.  Plus, in this offer, you get 2 packages of coffee!  32 oz. instead of just 16.  Micro roasted, it has hints of pumpkin, nutmeg, cloves and more.  Pumpkin pie in a cup!

Featured in this morning's coffee post: