Searching for the best combination French Press / Coffee Travel Mug

This morning's coffee talk is regarding a product I knew existed,, but didn't really plan on getting one any time soon... until yesterday.  Now, it's high on my list of coveted coffee items and I'll be watching the household hold budget to see when I can squeeze an extra thirty bucks out to try this little gem.

Yesterday, my brother and I were discussing general emergency preparedness, living without power for a week or two, camping and solar options.  I joked that I bought a solar panel just large enough to be sure it powered my laptop, a cell phone and... a coffee maker.  His response was he didn't need one for that - he had his favorite combination French Press/Travel Mug.   I told him I had seen then but didn't really think I'd ever get one or need one.  I love my Keurig and it's so easy to brew right into my mug and go.

But he explained he loves his - not only for brewing a fresh cup of coffee on the go in the morning, but when he goes off on his weekend camping/hiking trips he just has to add the hot water to the grounds, press, and go. 

    I spent a good deal of time reading reviews last night and finding a mug that I felt was up to my standards.  I wanted it to be stainless steel, well made, keep grounds from my drink and yet be durable and well made so it didn't fall apart after a couple weeks of use.    In the end I decided on Planetary Design brand - and although I found the model I want - I decided to post three different options on this web entry so readers could see they have a few different choices.

From size, to style to color - there are a number to choose from, but from what I can tell from about 2 hours research, this is one of the best made out there right now.  If you know of a better one or have your own options, please let me know as I haven't invested in it yet and I'd love to hear your view!

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