"how much caffeine would it take to kill you?"

After the recent lawsuit against the manufacturers of Monster energy drinks, Popular Science looked into the question of "how much caffeine would it take to kill you?"

In short, it would take at least six gallons of McDonald's coffee. In April, a coroner's report cited a New Zealand woman's consumption of Coca-Cola as being related to her death. But she reportedly had a number of other unhealthy habits, including smoking cigarettes and a poor diet.

But as Popular Science notes, individual reactions to caffeine intake vary from person to person and are heavily influenced by a number of other factors, including related health issues and the consumption of other substances, such as alcohol.

The Journal of Caffeine Research editor-in-chief Jack James tells PopSci that it takes "about" 10 grams of caffeine to achieve lethal levels. According to the Mayo Clinic, the average adult can safely consume 200 mg to 300 mg of caffeine per day, the equivalent of about 2 to 4 cups of coffee. 

However, consuming more than 500 mg per day can begin to trigger side effects, including insomnia, fast heartbeat and muscle tremors.

You can read more of this article here.

Coffee clothing items? Just for fun! Starbucks, Star Wars and even Coffeebean Cufflinks!

This morning I was sipping some coffee and thinking;  "Ah, what coffee post should I make today?"  and I started to think about t-shirts with a coffee theme.  I have one that is a favorite - one of the "Life is Good" shirts you find all over with a cute little coffee cup in the center.  Comfy and fun, I like it and it makes me happy.  So, that was the original influence of this post.

I did a quick search for some coffee clothing (really quick, like 10 seconds...  LOL)  and I found some awesome ideas.

Know a coffee fan who is also a geek?  Let them show their geekness with a  Caffeine Molecule T-shirt.  Another kind of geek that everyone loves, is the Star Wars geek.  What if you were to mix a love of Star WARS with Star BUCKS.  What would you get?  You would get a Star Wars Coffee t-shirt!

For the fashionista male, what about  Coffee Bean Cufflinks?  And this one for the guy who believes the only thing you need is Guns & Coffee.

Got more simple tastes?  Me too.  I like this idea.  I just buy the Starbucks Logo Heat Iron On Transfer and put it on whatever t-shirt I want!

The products I mentioned above;


Collapsible Travel Mugs Reviews

This mornings post is one I went 'looking for' myself after seeing a product in the store made for our dogs.  You may have seen the collapsible travel bowls for dogs and cats?  They are all the rage right now and are little bowls and water containers that collapse flat when you don't need them and then you pop them up to use. (Collapsible Travel Cup.)  This got me thinking about the little plastic collapsible cups we had in our camper as a small child.  I believe my Mom got them from Tupperware at the time.  Little, tiny plastic orange cups that collapsed into a small circle about an inch or less tall.

So that my friends is what I was thinking about and decided to check Amazon to see what decent rated options were out there.   Now, the first thing to point out is I found different products were judged sometimes harshly depending on what people needed or wanted them for.   For instance, one small stainless steel version was rated low by a lot of people because they were upset it was smaller than they expected.  Other reviewers were thrilled with the size as they wanted a very small glass simply for taking their medication or in one case, a traveling party-goer who wanted to use it as a large shot glass.  See?  It's all relative.

What I was looking for....   camping, hiking and emergency supplies mostly.   Also in the back of my mind was throwing one into the back of my truck for the puppies as well.  So here is what I found that I thought worth mentioning.

Hands down, this seemed to be a winner.  The Coghlans Fold-a-cup was highly rated by reviewers and it seemed many were previous owners of this cup who had lost it while traveling or had one already, loved it, and wanted to buy more.   Many liked to use it when traveling to Europe where they don't put glasses in the bathrooms. 

Sturdy, comfortable, easy to use, easy to collapse, works for hot or cold drinks and is durable to last for years, it was one of the best reviewed.

These colorful cups were not only rated pretty good, but have a little secret.  This set of 3 accordion shaped portable plastic cups contain a pill holder (attached to the underside of the lid).  Love this option for people like my Mother who is a breast cancer survivor and has to take a daily regiment of pills. 

Collapsible Striped Folding Cups - 3 pack

They are small in size so not too bulky and won't take up much room.  Collapsible travel cups are small enough to fit inside your pocket!  When you need to take a drink simply remove the top and pull it up. Cup then expands up to full 3 inch tall size that holds 3 ounces of water. When finished the cup folds down to a 2" diameter disk that is only 7/8" thick. Capacity 3 fluid ounces. Comes in solid colors or striped colors

Lastly was this little guy.  Highly rated, seems to be durable and works well.  The only people rating it less than 4 or 5 stars were complaining it was more like a bowl than a cup. However;  that was the planned design. 

Click the image to go to it's description page on Amazon. 
  Because it's so generous in size and does well with hot liquids, some people loved this for their hot coffee and drinks while others wanted to use it has a bowl.  I think this option is great for camping and in your 72 hour emergency bags (bug out bags).  I would personally think to use it first as a bowl to rehydrate freeze dried meals, but I would also be fine with using as a mug for my morning coffee at a campfire.  Click the image to go to it's description page on Amazon. 

  • Collapsible bellows design expands from a pack-friendly 1.7" height to a generous 22 fl oz ml capacity
  • Folding handle folds flat and extends and locks in two positions - one for eating and drinking and one for use as a scoop and measuring cup
  • Sure-sealing lid made of Infinity Clear Polypropylene screws into the rim of the mug to keep your meals in and the outdoors out
  • Perfectly-suited to rehydrating and eating
  • Includes: 22 fl oz mug, Lid

Todays Review: Kyocera Ceramic Coffee Grinder (a manual, hand cranked coffee grinder)

Kyocera Advanced Ceramic Coffee Grinder

This morning's post is one I am looking at for my own personal use, but of course I want to share it on the Coffee Talk blog as well!  I am looking at purchasing the  Kyocera Ceramic Coffee Grinder. Now, some people might instantly say;  "Why would you want a manual grinder?  Why not just use your electric?"

Lots of reasons!  First, the electric grinders are loud.  When it's 6:00 in the morning and you have family members sleeping, some of the electric versions sound like a jet plane in your kitchen.  Over the years I would either try to remember to grind the beans right before I went to bed so they would ready (therefore not really being 'freshly' ground 10 hours later when I made my coffee) or, I would wrap our electric model grinders in a kitchen towel to muffle the sound.  Even so, it's louder than you want to be. 

Second;  camping.  Yes, even those of us who enjoy roughing it in a tent in the woods love our morning coffee with freshly ground beans.  Heck, my husband will tell you that early morning coffee is his favorite part of camping.

Third:  power outage.  Snowstorms, high winds, thunderstorms, car wrecks that take out the power pole near your home.  We've been without power for a week at a time but no worries if you are prepared.  A hand grinder and a coffee press?  You're good to go.  Hand grinder and campfire or gas stove and camp coffee pot?  Again, good to go.

Fourth:  Are you a prepper?  Have you thought about how to get your morning coffee if you are storing beans in mylars in buckets with 02 packets but have no way to grind them?

A great multi-purpose tool, this grinder prepares fresh coffee (or salt, pepper, green tea, and even sesame seeds). It is designed with a ceramic grinding mechanism that will never alter the flavor of the grinds, resulting in fresh, flavorful, and pure ingredients.

The special ceramic is an advanced ceramic close in hardness to diamond, so it will never rust and will provide a long useful life. The grinder is adjustable from fine to coarse, and the non-slip rubber base ensures stability on the counter.   Some people also find it easier to simply hold the grinder between their knees as they sit.  The reusable glass container can store up to 100 grams of coffee grinds and is dishwasher safe. Other parts need cleaning with a neutral detergent and soft sponge.
  • Multi-purpose grinder prepares fresh coffee, salt, pepper, green tea, and even sesame seeds
  • A ceramic grinding mechanism never alters flavor of grinds, resulting in fresh, flavorful, and pure ingredients
  • Advanced ceramic close in hardness to diamond; will never rust and will provide a long useful life
  • Adjustable from fine to coarse grinds; non-slip base ensures stability
  • Reusable glass container stores up to 100 g of coffee grinds and is dishwasher safe

Coffee Talking: Thinking back over the years of Coffee Talking and the friends I've made through this site

This morning's Coffee Talking is being done over a cup of Tully's Kona Blend Coffee - made in the Keurig of course.

Since 2004 a lot of friends have been made through Coffee Talking.  It actually started under a different name in 1998 but evolved and grew into Coffee Talking.  It was one of the first 'mommy blog' sites (before the word blog was invented and even before 'web log' was used)  and continued to grow until the spring of 2009 when I shut it down completely for over a year.  When I quietly started posting again without telling anyone and without any fanfare, I was surprised and warmed by the fact that many readers were still checking in and still waiting for fresh coffee to be served with random chit chat about... well, whatever was on my mind that day!

From 1998 - 2004 the site centered around the crazy day to day antics of children mostly.  Take 3 kids between the ages of two and seven, and you are bound to have great fodder for blogs.  When Coffee Talking grew into itself in 2004 those little ones were now bigger ones.  Ranging from eight to thirteen.  We were in the midst of insane schedules that involved balancing school, band, choir, sports, church, dance lessons and more.  Add in another relocation, a couple pets.  Again however, that crazy, awesome mixture made great reading for those coming along for the Coffee Talking ride!

This morning over coffee I'm thinking back over the years and remembering old friends, old posts and old times.  The Coffee Crew way back included;  Lars, Jody, YankeeBob, Christie, YoJ, Katie, MamaDuck, a couple soldiers stationed in Iraq, Jody's brother and sister... and so many more! We had so much fun!   Growing on to Fantastagirl, Nanny Ogg, Tommy, TimeStep, Emxiety, Jenelle's Mommy, Tonya, and the whole awesome crazy crew from Texas!  Just too many list! 

Before I knew it, that 7 year old was now 17 and looking at colleges.  The Coffee Kid was in high school.  The toddler that used to put frogs down her diaper was now putting on makeup.  The teen years brought a lot of laughter and tears to my readers.   By last year however, Coffee Kid was joining his sister at college and our family was embarking on relocation number eleven; 1000 miles away.

Coffee Talking took a back seat during the crazy year 2011 turned out to be.  Graduations, receptions, enrolling and moving one kid to college, moving the second kid back to college, moving one kid to the new state and finding rental housing, a new school and then living 1,000 miles from  my spouse while I put our family home on the market.

Coffee Talking added new friends and a few old names found me again.  Kel, Slanders, Joe, Tawni, Jodi...  and so many more.   When I decided the kids were old enough to be even more careful of their privacy, Coffee Talking underwent yet another transformation!  Focusing on coffee products, reviews and coffee themed items, the 'chit chat' was moved to a forum based blog. 

Currently the real morning 'talking' over freshly brewed coffee happens around the kitchen table in the message board forum.  I'm loving the new format as it allows everyone to join in, start conversations, chime in their thoughts and share photos, links and more.  We have coffee together all day long!  Joe, Kate, Ridge, Rissa, Cherish, Tawni, Slanders, TimeStep...   I want to thank you all for your awesome coffee conversation, words of wisdom, shoulders, listening ears, laughter, jokes, personal funny stories and more.

Want to join us?  Interactive Coffee Talking can be found here.   Come join us - and don't worry if you tend to ramble... we know, it's just the coffee talking!


Help me pick a color from Benjamin Moore's Aura Collection

I am a BzzAgent and am being given one gallon of paint by Benjamin Moore in order to try and share my thoughts on the product.  All opinions are mine and mine alone.

Update!    I am thrilled to update that I found a local retailer in my area to honor the coupon in my BzzKit and I chose a 'winning' color.  Thanks for your help and input here on this board as well as the message board where I had a LOT of input!   

And the winner is....   Pashmina!  


I was thrilled to be chosen for the Benjamin Moore Paints Aura Collection but little do they realize how easy of a sell I am.  You see, we moved into a new home about 11 months ago and on my 'must do' list is repainting.  Oh, it's a beautiful house with a good color - but it was completely painted top to bottom with flat, construction grade paint!  It shows every smudge, every smear, every hand print.  As a matter of fact, if you accidentally brush up against it just walking by, it will leave a smudge!

Such a big project that I've constantly re-prioritized my 'to do' list over the past few months to continually push "start repainting" to the bottom of the list.  But, with Benjamin Moore offering a free gallon of their new, awesome Aura paint, this is the kick-in-the-behind I need to get started.


If you are new to Benjamin Moore paints or just to the Aura collection, here is a bullet list of some of the highlights;
  • Color Lock® technology for exceptional color and no color rub-off
  • Never more than two coats needed in any color
  • Long-lasting, fresh look
  • Easy application with seamless touch-ups
  • Mildew resistant
  • Superior washability, thanks to Color Lock® technology
  • Paint and primer together
  • Excellent in high-traffic areas
  • Easy clean up
  • A Green Promise® product
  • The only paint available in Color Stories®, a full-spectrum color collection by Benjamin Moore
  • Finishes include matte, eggshell, satin and semi-gloss
  • Sold at independent paint and decorating stores

Against a wall that gets most daylight sun

How would it look on this wall as you transition into the Family Room?

Don't forget it has to compliment the rug and window decor!

  • glacial till
  • kangaroo
  • pashmina
  • coastal path
Got a thought?  An opinion?  Have your tried any of these?  Have you tried Aura paint?  Drop me a line or comment! 

*I have small graphics of each but honestly, they all look alike so it's easier for you to tell me which of the above 'fan' you like or if you have a color you've used.

They all look similar here - but are different. I promise.

Let's Discuss French Press Travel Mugs - Including a personalized version with your own photo in it!

This morning's Coffee Talking is being done while I sip Tully's Kona Blend for k-cups.  (It's included in this variety pack if you are interested; 16 Count - Limited Edition Variety Coffee K-Cups for Keurig Brewers (Green Mountain Island Coconut, Green Mountain Pumpkin Spice, Donut Shop Coconut Mocha, Tully's Kona) - or you can buy it at your local grocery store too.)

This morning I didn't think I would be updating the Coffee Talking page, but I was at Amazon looking at travel mug options and thought;  if I'm looking at these anyway, why not post them on the Coffee Talking site?  So that is how this post was born!

 My personal first choice:

The mug in particular I am drawn to is one that is a built in French Press.  The reviews for the Planetary Designs French Press Travel Mug seem to be favorable.  I hope to try this out, and if I like it, will be purchasing two more to store in our camping bin.   One of the best feelings is to wake from a tent on an early morning when the sun is just rising, and to build a small campfire and enjoy fresh coffee as you watch the sun come up and the world come awake, surrounded by nothing by tree's and perhaps a lake.  I have a campfire percolator style coffee maker and it never occurred to me until just this summer that there was a travel mug option like this.  Pack the grounds in the cup and store it in my bag.  In the morning add the hot water, press through and mmmmm.  Freshly brewed, hot, strong coffee.  Can't wait to try!  I'm thinking of putting it on my Christmas list actually.

Planetary Designs Stainless Double Walled French Coffee Press Travel Mug

While looking at mugs I saw this one - which caught my eye because it holds enough hot coffee for about 4 cups.  This thermos is a great idea for bringing coffee to the office.  Unless of course you happen to have GOOD coffee at your office.  We never did.  Office coffee was something you drank if you were desperate, so I often brought my own small stainless steel thermos.  However, mine only held 2 cups worth.  This seems like a much better option!

Thermos Nissan 34-Ounce Vacuum Insulated Stainless-Steel Gourmet Coffee Press

This is another French Press style option I was looking at before I chose the one above.  It's really cool looking and the Bodum brand is respected.  Ultimately, I chose the other design because I like the durability for camping trips.  But this one came in second place and I like it for traveling to work, running errands, etc.  I could put the tea leaves or the coffee grounds in before I left and press it when I wanted the brew.

Bodum Double-Wall 16-Ounce Thermal Plastic Travel Coffee and Tea Press with Bonus Tumbler Lid, Red

And this one I'm adding just because it's just so darn cute!   Cute?  A coffee travel mug?  Why is it cute?  Because I could pictures of my family in it!  Yes, a travel mug that not only is a French Press version coffee or tea travel mug but you can insert your own personal photo into it!   Great for Moms and Dads, as we love to look at our kids - but the possibilities are endless.  Photos of your dogs or cats, your favorite ocean view from your last vacation, a photo of our boyfriend or girlfriend or even a photo of your house or car if that is what makes you smile as you relax and sip freshly brewed coffee or tea!  Love this idea!!!
Bodum 16-Ounce Travel Coffee Press with Picture Insert