Coffee clothing items? Just for fun! Starbucks, Star Wars and even Coffeebean Cufflinks!

This morning I was sipping some coffee and thinking;  "Ah, what coffee post should I make today?"  and I started to think about t-shirts with a coffee theme.  I have one that is a favorite - one of the "Life is Good" shirts you find all over with a cute little coffee cup in the center.  Comfy and fun, I like it and it makes me happy.  So, that was the original influence of this post.

I did a quick search for some coffee clothing (really quick, like 10 seconds...  LOL)  and I found some awesome ideas.

Know a coffee fan who is also a geek?  Let them show their geekness with a  Caffeine Molecule T-shirt.  Another kind of geek that everyone loves, is the Star Wars geek.  What if you were to mix a love of Star WARS with Star BUCKS.  What would you get?  You would get a Star Wars Coffee t-shirt!

For the fashionista male, what about  Coffee Bean Cufflinks?  And this one for the guy who believes the only thing you need is Guns & Coffee.

Got more simple tastes?  Me too.  I like this idea.  I just buy the Starbucks Logo Heat Iron On Transfer and put it on whatever t-shirt I want!

The products I mentioned above;