Coffee Talking: Thinking back over the years of Coffee Talking and the friends I've made through this site

This morning's Coffee Talking is being done over a cup of Tully's Kona Blend Coffee - made in the Keurig of course.

Since 2004 a lot of friends have been made through Coffee Talking.  It actually started under a different name in 1998 but evolved and grew into Coffee Talking.  It was one of the first 'mommy blog' sites (before the word blog was invented and even before 'web log' was used)  and continued to grow until the spring of 2009 when I shut it down completely for over a year.  When I quietly started posting again without telling anyone and without any fanfare, I was surprised and warmed by the fact that many readers were still checking in and still waiting for fresh coffee to be served with random chit chat about... well, whatever was on my mind that day!

From 1998 - 2004 the site centered around the crazy day to day antics of children mostly.  Take 3 kids between the ages of two and seven, and you are bound to have great fodder for blogs.  When Coffee Talking grew into itself in 2004 those little ones were now bigger ones.  Ranging from eight to thirteen.  We were in the midst of insane schedules that involved balancing school, band, choir, sports, church, dance lessons and more.  Add in another relocation, a couple pets.  Again however, that crazy, awesome mixture made great reading for those coming along for the Coffee Talking ride!

This morning over coffee I'm thinking back over the years and remembering old friends, old posts and old times.  The Coffee Crew way back included;  Lars, Jody, YankeeBob, Christie, YoJ, Katie, MamaDuck, a couple soldiers stationed in Iraq, Jody's brother and sister... and so many more! We had so much fun!   Growing on to Fantastagirl, Nanny Ogg, Tommy, TimeStep, Emxiety, Jenelle's Mommy, Tonya, and the whole awesome crazy crew from Texas!  Just too many list! 

Before I knew it, that 7 year old was now 17 and looking at colleges.  The Coffee Kid was in high school.  The toddler that used to put frogs down her diaper was now putting on makeup.  The teen years brought a lot of laughter and tears to my readers.   By last year however, Coffee Kid was joining his sister at college and our family was embarking on relocation number eleven; 1000 miles away.

Coffee Talking took a back seat during the crazy year 2011 turned out to be.  Graduations, receptions, enrolling and moving one kid to college, moving the second kid back to college, moving one kid to the new state and finding rental housing, a new school and then living 1,000 miles from  my spouse while I put our family home on the market.

Coffee Talking added new friends and a few old names found me again.  Kel, Slanders, Joe, Tawni, Jodi...  and so many more.   When I decided the kids were old enough to be even more careful of their privacy, Coffee Talking underwent yet another transformation!  Focusing on coffee products, reviews and coffee themed items, the 'chit chat' was moved to a forum based blog. 

Currently the real morning 'talking' over freshly brewed coffee happens around the kitchen table in the message board forum.  I'm loving the new format as it allows everyone to join in, start conversations, chime in their thoughts and share photos, links and more.  We have coffee together all day long!  Joe, Kate, Ridge, Rissa, Cherish, Tawni, Slanders, TimeStep...   I want to thank you all for your awesome coffee conversation, words of wisdom, shoulders, listening ears, laughter, jokes, personal funny stories and more.

Want to join us?  Interactive Coffee Talking can be found here.   Come join us - and don't worry if you tend to ramble... we know, it's just the coffee talking!