Collapsible Travel Mugs Reviews

This mornings post is one I went 'looking for' myself after seeing a product in the store made for our dogs.  You may have seen the collapsible travel bowls for dogs and cats?  They are all the rage right now and are little bowls and water containers that collapse flat when you don't need them and then you pop them up to use. (Collapsible Travel Cup.)  This got me thinking about the little plastic collapsible cups we had in our camper as a small child.  I believe my Mom got them from Tupperware at the time.  Little, tiny plastic orange cups that collapsed into a small circle about an inch or less tall.

So that my friends is what I was thinking about and decided to check Amazon to see what decent rated options were out there.   Now, the first thing to point out is I found different products were judged sometimes harshly depending on what people needed or wanted them for.   For instance, one small stainless steel version was rated low by a lot of people because they were upset it was smaller than they expected.  Other reviewers were thrilled with the size as they wanted a very small glass simply for taking their medication or in one case, a traveling party-goer who wanted to use it as a large shot glass.  See?  It's all relative.

What I was looking for....   camping, hiking and emergency supplies mostly.   Also in the back of my mind was throwing one into the back of my truck for the puppies as well.  So here is what I found that I thought worth mentioning.

Hands down, this seemed to be a winner.  The Coghlans Fold-a-cup was highly rated by reviewers and it seemed many were previous owners of this cup who had lost it while traveling or had one already, loved it, and wanted to buy more.   Many liked to use it when traveling to Europe where they don't put glasses in the bathrooms. 

Sturdy, comfortable, easy to use, easy to collapse, works for hot or cold drinks and is durable to last for years, it was one of the best reviewed.

These colorful cups were not only rated pretty good, but have a little secret.  This set of 3 accordion shaped portable plastic cups contain a pill holder (attached to the underside of the lid).  Love this option for people like my Mother who is a breast cancer survivor and has to take a daily regiment of pills. 

Collapsible Striped Folding Cups - 3 pack

They are small in size so not too bulky and won't take up much room.  Collapsible travel cups are small enough to fit inside your pocket!  When you need to take a drink simply remove the top and pull it up. Cup then expands up to full 3 inch tall size that holds 3 ounces of water. When finished the cup folds down to a 2" diameter disk that is only 7/8" thick. Capacity 3 fluid ounces. Comes in solid colors or striped colors

Lastly was this little guy.  Highly rated, seems to be durable and works well.  The only people rating it less than 4 or 5 stars were complaining it was more like a bowl than a cup. However;  that was the planned design. 

Click the image to go to it's description page on Amazon. 
  Because it's so generous in size and does well with hot liquids, some people loved this for their hot coffee and drinks while others wanted to use it has a bowl.  I think this option is great for camping and in your 72 hour emergency bags (bug out bags).  I would personally think to use it first as a bowl to rehydrate freeze dried meals, but I would also be fine with using as a mug for my morning coffee at a campfire.  Click the image to go to it's description page on Amazon. 

  • Collapsible bellows design expands from a pack-friendly 1.7" height to a generous 22 fl oz ml capacity
  • Folding handle folds flat and extends and locks in two positions - one for eating and drinking and one for use as a scoop and measuring cup
  • Sure-sealing lid made of Infinity Clear Polypropylene screws into the rim of the mug to keep your meals in and the outdoors out
  • Perfectly-suited to rehydrating and eating
  • Includes: 22 fl oz mug, Lid