Mmmm Millstone Fog Lifter - a medium roast for once!

Normally I drink (and review) bold, dark roast coffee.  It's typically my blend and roast of preference so it's only natural it's the brew I tend to think of when it's time to update my website!  However, yesterday, on a whim, I picked up a medium roast in addition to our normal bold.   The medium roast of choice was;  Millstone Fog Lifter

Using only the finest high-grown Arabica beans, this artful blend of light and dark roasts is characterized by its bright, spicy aroma. Foglifter Coffee offers the most complex coffee flavor experience with its delicate flavor notes orchestrated with a rich, full body.  Available at almost all retail locations you normally buy your groceries or coffee, as well as online, it comes in 11ounce packages of ground,whole Bean, bulk and my personal favorite; K-Cup® Packs for your Keurig brewers.