Coffee around the world..... A coffee 'book' and 'music' for your morning caffeine boost

  This morning I came to Coffee Talking with the phrase "coffee around the world" in my head.  It was typing this phrase into my search box that led me to a book about coffee; Uncommon Grounds: The History of Coffee and How It Transformed Our World.

Uncommon Grounds tells the story of coffee from its discovery on a hill in ancient Abyssinia to the advent of Starbucks. In this updated edition of the classic work, Mark Pendergrast reviews the dramatic changes in coffee culture over the past decade, from the disastrous “Coffee Crisis” that caused global prices to plummet to the rise of the Fair Trade movement and the “third-wave” of quality-obsessed coffee connoisseurs. As the scope of coffee culture continues to expand, Uncommon Grounds remains more than ever a brilliantly entertaining guide to the currents of one of the world’s favorite beverages.

What goes better with a hot cup of coffee, a nice comfy leather couch and a book in your hand?  Music playing softly in the background!  So of course I had to find a coffee-themed book to go with it.  And here is one; Music from the Coffee Lands

Putumayo World Music was established in 1993 to introduce people to the music of the world's cultures. The label grew out of Putumayo clothing company, founded by Dan Storper in 1975 and sold in 1997. Co-founder Michael Kraus joined Dan to launch Putumayo World Music and establish a non-traditional sales division. Putumayo World Music has become known primarily for its upbeat and melodic compilations of great international music characterized by the company's motto: "guaranteed to make you feel good!"