It's that time of year for coffee: Starbuck's Holiday Blend is Available!

This morning I'm reviewing the seasonal Holiday Blend from Starbucks.  Even though the calendar hasn't yet even arrived at Thanksgiving, my foray out-and-about yesterday to run errands was filled with holiday joy and Santa's galore.

One of my errands was to pick up some coffee and even though we own and use a Keurig, I feel guilt spending so much on k-cups when I am easily a 3 or 4 cups per morning kind of girl.  So, I regularly keep whole bean coffee on hand to make a small pot of coffee each morning as well as a back up.  And with that long introduction, I give you today's coffee post;  the Holiday Blend.

Now, even though Starbucks has been releasing this blend since 1985, I have never bought it.  Granted, I wasn't drinking coffee in 1985 (I was just barely a teenager then), but I've never felt compelled to purchase it.  Yesterday however, I did.

The gold and white is pretty and eye-catching and the description on the packaging said it was sweet and had a hint of spice.  Try as I may to squeeze the package in the store and smell through the little air vent, I could not sense even a hint of spice or anything but regular coffee.  Still, I was at the store FOR coffee so I thought I'd give it a go.  It did not come in whole bean style though, only ground.

The Starbucks website describes it this way;  

The secret to this blend is the rare, aged Sumatran beans, which add a depth and mellowness to fine Latin American and Asia/Pacific coffees.

I am going to describe it as a nice Sumatran coffee that isn't as bold as most Sumatran styles, and the mellowness comes through a little more than on the dark Sumantran versions, however I did not detect even a hint of anything 'spice' or 'holiday' in the least.  Herbal, yes.  Spice?  Not so much.

For those looking for a spice or flavor to their 'holiday' blend coffee this is not it.  But it is a really good, nice, smooth coffee!  I am enjoying my second cup right now.  I can easily envision it being served at a holiday party or open house - it would pair lovely with any dessert or on it's own.  It's also great as a morning coffee.  I absolutely give it a thumbs up - but not necessarily for the 'holidays' - but for 'any' day.

 You can order some from Amazon if you can't yet find it in your area;
Starbucks Ground Holiday Blend Coffee 2012 10 oz (Pack of 2)