Monday Morning Coffee Talk - Daily Cheff Colombian K-cups

I'm currently on my 3rd cup of coffee, but it's the first one that tastes decent.  I was drinking a French Roast blend from Daily Chef but I just wasn't enjoying it so I switched to their Colombian blend and it's just what I needed.

I tried the Daily Chef brand a few months ago to see if it was an acceptable flavor as it was a much more affordable option for the 54 count boxes over my regular Starbucks or Caribou.  The flavor of the Colombian is good, but if you read reviews about the product you'll see there was possibly a design flaw in the cup.  (Reviews for Daily Chef K-Cups).  I also had issues with some of the cups from the first box I bought.  However I've bought 3 boxes since then (2 Colombian and 1 French Roast) and I've not encountered any coffee grounds in my cup since that first box so it may have been a fluke in their machinery or the cups they were using at the time.

My coffee drinking friends might want to look into this affordable brand - (available online or at Sam's Club) and see what you think.  I am pretty happy with supplementing this coffee with a few of the other brands I use as well and haven't had any grounds issues.  With a savings of about $15 over a case of k-cups of other brands, it's certainly worth mentioning.

Folllow Up Review: Green Mountain Well Collection - Antioxidant Blend

I was lucky enough through my position as a BzzAgent, to get to try the new Wellness Collection blend from Green Mountain.  Previously I posted a review on the Focus Blend - which I found ok when drank piping hot, and I liked the energy kick it gave me; however I couldn't say I would choose to drink it over my regular blends just for the taste.  I would however, choose it for the kick when I needed to be focused and get things accomplished.

Last week and again today, I've been enjoying the Antioxidant blend.  I admit I thought they would probably taste exactly the same;  but in the end I've noticed they seem to be completely different.  No heart racing, no energy kick;  just a light, smooth coffee.  Not the same at all.

The Green Mountain Coffee® Wellness Collection:
  • Launched in August 2012 with two brews — Focus Blend and Antioxidant Blend
  • Includes only Fair Trade Certified coffees
  • Is best brewed using the 8 oz. setting on your Keurig® brewer
  • Retails $18.49 (24-ct box of K-Cup® packs)
  • Is available for purchase online at and

Brew your k-cup on the 8 ounce setting as directed.  This gives you their recommended level of vitamins C and E in your cup and is brewed not too watered down to ensure you have good flavor.

I don't have a scientific way of measuring the effectiveness of the vitamins added to the brew, not  over short term anyway; but I can say I would be comfortable drinking this in the morning knowing it was giving me what a vitamin C and vitamin E vitamin would.  This way I get a healthy dose of goodness and benefits with each cup that I would be drinking anyway!

Bottom Line:  Thumbs up on the Antioxidant blend for better flavor, but thumbs up to the Focus blend for the ability to see results instantaneously.

I was given a free sample of the Green Mountain Wellness Blend for Keurig Brewers to try since I'm a BzzAgent.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Mr. Coffee Frappe Maker

UPDATE FOR 2017:  This was originally posted in 2012.  Today it's getting hard to find these but occasionally you see sellers on Amazon with them to sell either new or used but I will update a couple similar items at the bottom of this post since I don't believe this product is being made any longer.


  I'm kind of excited about this coffee-themed product.  It's right before Christmas and would make a coffee-drink kind of person very, very happy this holiday season.  I've just spent some time familiarizing myself with the Mr. Coffee Frappe Maker.  It's an all-in-one appliance that allows you to create frosty frappes at home. A cross between a coffee machine and a blender, this easy-to-use frappe maker brews and blends delicious chilled concoctions all at the touch of a button.

Along with freshly brewed coffee and ice, you can add in any favorite extras, including milk, whipped cream, ice cream, chocolate-milk powder, and more. The unit's "pulse" blending button offers ultimate control over the consistency, while its sleek jar supplies a generous handle for easy serving. To top it off, garnish the beverage with whipped cream, nutmeg, cinnamon, or chocolate shavings, and enjoy. Whether for yourself or to entertain guests, you can now make a delicious frappe from home. Even better, the unit's small footprint takes up minimal space on the counter for easy, everyday access.
A Quick and Easy Process
You'll never have to hassle with the inconvenience of having to use two or more machines to create the perfect frappe again. The Mr. Coffee Frappe Maker brews and blends in just three minutes, ensuring you get the same great results every time. The dishwasher-safe blending jar and brew basket make clean up easy. To get a delicious frappe, simply follow these three easy steps:
  1. Add your favorite coffee or espresso and water to the top of the machine and your favorite ingredients in the blending jar
  2. Press the Frappe button to start the process
  3. Enjoy your delicious drink
Make a Variety of Beverages
The recipe book has more than 20 delicious recipes featuring a wide variety of easy-to-make drinks that are easily customized to your specific taste. From coffee- and tea-based drinks to adult alcohol-based frosty frappes, you are sure to find the perfect recipes to make the whole family happy. You can also avoid the fattening ingredients used by many coffeehouses by using sugar-free substitutes and fresh ingredients to truly make each recipe your own.
Save Money and Be Your Own Barista
You can create endless varieties of icy, blended coffee drinks in the comfort of your own home with this one machine. It lets you eliminate costly trips to the coffeehouse and put dollars back into your pocket. The Mr. Coffee Cafe Frappe provides a quick, easy, and affordable solution for frappe lovers.

Features and Specifications

  • Brews and blends at the touch of a button
  • Removable brew basket
  • 20-ounce dishwasher-safe blending jar
  • Pulse button to control consistency
  • Three minute blend-and-brew cycle
  • Includes book with 20 recipes

You might also be interested in similar items available though Amazon as the Mr. Coffee Frappe Maker is getting very difficult to find.  I don't believe they make it anymore.  (2017)

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