Daily Chef k-cups from Sam's Club

I love my Keurig brewer and k-cups but they can be pricey so I purchase them in various places where I can get the most for my money without sacrificing flavor.  One of the places I purchase k-cups is Sam's Club.  (I also shop Costco but we recently relocated and I have a Sam's Club close to me while I have to travel further to get to a Costco).

During one of my trips I picked up my regular Starbucks Pike Place Roast but for almost half the cost, I saw Sam's offered their own Daily Chef brand.  54 cups at $22 (ish) was a great deal, if they tasted good.  

I bought both.

My first (and only) issue with the Daily Chef brand isn't with the coffee itself, but the pod.   My first brew had coffee grounds around the top of the liquid, sticking to the mug and a layer in the bottom of the mug. 

My second attempt also had grounds.  Grounds in your coffee, no matter how good the coffee, is a deal breaker.
Looking up some other comments about  this coffee online, I found the same complaint;  the pods are defective in many cases.  Now, I've never had one 'blow up' in my machine, but I did read others that said they had that issue.

As a matter of fact, after the first 2 pods that left grounds in the coffee, I got lucky and over the past 2 weeks of using them (along with others) I've not had a shoddy pod.  They have all brewed as they should - no grounds.   The boxes may have a mixture of many different batches, and they may get a poorly sealed batch mixed in.

Now for the important part;  the flavor.

Excellent.  Surprising, from an affordable coffee... but true!  You have a choice between Colombian Supremo or French Roast.  We currently have the Colombian and we really enjoy it.  So much so, that with a mixture of original blend Caribou Coffee and the Daily Chef, my husband and I both reach for the Daily Chef blend over the Caribou. 

The Daily Chef blend is;
  • 100% Colombian Arabica coffee
  • Fair Trade Certified
  • a dark roast
Bottom line?  Daily Chef K-Cups for Keurig Brewers is a good tasting, dark roast coffee that we choose of some of the bigger brand names.  Affordable and enjoyable.  I not only give it a thumbs up, but I intend to make it a regular purchase in our home along with a few other brands!