Folllow Up Review: Green Mountain Well Collection - Antioxidant Blend

I was lucky enough through my position as a BzzAgent, to get to try the new Wellness Collection blend from Green Mountain.  Previously I posted a review on the Focus Blend - which I found ok when drank piping hot, and I liked the energy kick it gave me; however I couldn't say I would choose to drink it over my regular blends just for the taste.  I would however, choose it for the kick when I needed to be focused and get things accomplished.

Last week and again today, I've been enjoying the Antioxidant blend.  I admit I thought they would probably taste exactly the same;  but in the end I've noticed they seem to be completely different.  No heart racing, no energy kick;  just a light, smooth coffee.  Not the same at all.

The Green Mountain Coffee® Wellness Collection:
  • Launched in August 2012 with two brews — Focus Blend and Antioxidant Blend
  • Includes only Fair Trade Certified coffees
  • Is best brewed using the 8 oz. setting on your Keurig® brewer
  • Retails $18.49 (24-ct box of K-Cup® packs)
  • Is available for purchase online at and

Brew your k-cup on the 8 ounce setting as directed.  This gives you their recommended level of vitamins C and E in your cup and is brewed not too watered down to ensure you have good flavor.

I don't have a scientific way of measuring the effectiveness of the vitamins added to the brew, not  over short term anyway; but I can say I would be comfortable drinking this in the morning knowing it was giving me what a vitamin C and vitamin E vitamin would.  This way I get a healthy dose of goodness and benefits with each cup that I would be drinking anyway!

Bottom Line:  Thumbs up on the Antioxidant blend for better flavor, but thumbs up to the Focus blend for the ability to see results instantaneously.

I was given a free sample of the Green Mountain Wellness Blend for Keurig Brewers to try since I'm a BzzAgent.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.