Insanity Deluxe, Insanity 60 days and the 20 Minute Fast and Furious DVD's

Christmas is over, the end of the year is fast approaching and the new year is right around the corner. This is where my thoughts are this morning as I sit with my coffee and think about what to discuss on Coffee Talking.

I decided it was only natural that coffee talk would turn to fitness, as the new year is the perfect time to start a new you.  Or me.  Or us. 

I decided to focus on the only fitness regiment I personally know works;  because it's the one my husband uses.  Mr. Coffee (that would be my husband) has used the Insanity program off and on for the last few years and always (always!) see's results.  He gets busy with day to day life and an odd work schedule - and after a couple months, realizes his back is sore, he's put on a few pounds and he isn't feeling as good as he knows he could.  That is when he brings out his DVD's, kicks it into high gear and for the next 45 days or so, tries to adhere to a strict "no cheating" work out schedule - but he gives himself Saturday's 'off' - which keeps him on task.  It works.  He drops pounds, his back stops hurting, he is heart healthy and he has more energy.  I wish I could say I join him in this Insanity packed evening workout, but I don't.  I should.  But I am about as anti-athletic and anti-exercise as you can get.  True story.  So, my chit-chat over coffee this morning about this particular program comes from my experience watching it work not only for my husband, but also for our oldest daughter (college age) who has also used it to get in shape when she finds those extra pounds have snuck up  on her.

Here is the product description from Amazon for the 60 day program;
INSANITY Deluxe program is the best of its kind. No other workout can get you these types of results in just 60 days. Guaranteed! Shaun's MAX Interval Training techniques are a step ahead of every other fitness program ever designed. You get you a lean, muscular body in a short time.

Brand-New Factory Sealed Box Set. 10 INSANITY Workout DVDs
1: Dig Deeper & Fit Test: Shaun will put your body to the test and see what you're made of.
2: Plyometric Cardio Circuit: Burn fat with intervals of intense lower-body plyo and sweat-inducing cardio.
3: Cardio Power & Resistance: Build lean muscle and upper-body definition with strength-training and power moves.
4: Cardio Recovery & Max Recovery: Shaun goes easier on you once a week so you're ready for the next round.
5: Pure Cardio & Abs: This nonstop cardio workout is all extreme.
6: Cardio Abs: Do explosive intervals of cardio and core moves for rock-hard abs.
7: Core Cardio & Balance: Take a break after month 1 and gear up for month 2.
8: Max Interval Circuit: The interval circuit that's more intense than anything you've ever done. 
9: Max Interval Plyo: Push your legs 'til they beg for mercy with power and plyo, all at your MAX.
10: Max Cardio Conditioning & Abs: Get pushed to your limit with this extreme workout.

In the Deluxe program, Shaun takes INSANITY® to the sports world-boxing, football, basketball, gymnastics, track and field! In the MAX Interval Sports Training workout, Shaun mixes sports drills for the most INSANE hour-long workout yet. With the Insane Abs workout, you're going to find muscles you didn't even know you had! It takes the six-pack to the next level. Go one on one with Shaun in his Upper Body Weight Training workout. You'll work your entire upper body-chest, back, arms, and shoulders-to get even more amazing results. With the Deluxe program, you get a thick, professional-grade jump mat to help you get the most out of your workouts. Plus get a FREE body fat tester to measure your progress!

INSANITY: 60-Day Total Body Conditioning Workout DVD Program
INSANITY Deluxe: MAX Interval Sports Training & Insane Abs Workout DVDs
INSANITY Fast & Furious: 20 Minute Maximum Fitness Results Workout DVD

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