Monday Morning Coffee Talk - Daily Cheff Colombian K-cups

I'm currently on my 3rd cup of coffee, but it's the first one that tastes decent.  I was drinking a French Roast blend from Daily Chef but I just wasn't enjoying it so I switched to their Colombian blend and it's just what I needed.

I tried the Daily Chef brand a few months ago to see if it was an acceptable flavor as it was a much more affordable option for the 54 count boxes over my regular Starbucks or Caribou.  The flavor of the Colombian is good, but if you read reviews about the product you'll see there was possibly a design flaw in the cup.  (Reviews for Daily Chef K-Cups).  I also had issues with some of the cups from the first box I bought.  However I've bought 3 boxes since then (2 Colombian and 1 French Roast) and I've not encountered any coffee grounds in my cup since that first box so it may have been a fluke in their machinery or the cups they were using at the time.

My coffee drinking friends might want to look into this affordable brand - (available online or at Sam's Club) and see what you think.  I am pretty happy with supplementing this coffee with a few of the other brands I use as well and haven't had any grounds issues.  With a savings of about $15 over a case of k-cups of other brands, it's certainly worth mentioning.