Starbucks new Verismo Coffee Brewers; 580 and 585

The larger, 585 model
This morning I happen to be sipping Starbucks Holiday Blend coffee, which made me think of Starbucks in general and I remembered they came out with a new coffee brewer of their own this Fall to rival the Keurig.  I admittedly haven't paid a lot of attention to the new Verismo brewer for two reasons.  The first being, I already own a Keurig and second, because of that, I'm not really in the market for a new brewer right now.  But I'm interested none-the-less.

Currently there are two versions available.  The more compact, every day use Starbucks Verismo 580 and the larger, coffee shop like Verismo V-585

  Both versions have some of the same features but the larger 585 model features the spent pod container and holds 3.5 liters verses the smaller 1 liter;

  • 19 bar high pressure pump
  • Automatic pod ejection
  • Manual water level regulator
  • Automatic start/stop mode
  • Rinse function
  • 15 seconds or less heat-up
  • Energy saving through automatic switch-off after five minutes
  • Height-adjustable drip tray
  • Temperature Variation Control Button
  • Cleaning Notification
  • LED Display
  • Internal water filtration system in the 585 model
  • Spent pod container in the 585 model
  • 1 liter (33.8 fl oz) verses 3.5 liters
The selling point is to brew your favorite Starbucks drinks at home and to rival the Green Mountain company who currently has the lead in this style market.  However, you have to ask yourself if you will truly make the espresso and latte's at home, put them into your travel mug and take them with you even if you do invest in the machine;  or if the stop in the drive-thru of Starbucks is more your style and you will probably go back to your old habit a week after investing in the brewer.

This is important, because these are not cheap machines.  The basic model sells for anywhere between $199 - $249 right now and the larger model for about $399.  A pricy investment if you grow tired of it in a week or two and it's pushed to the back of the counter to gather dust.  However, if you  truly love your Starbucks coffee drinks, you want to entertain at home, enjoy your drinks at home or ultimately save money by not making a daily Starbucks run; the machine might be for you. 

One last thing;  these new brewers take their own pods.  The  Verismo Espresso Roast Pods are completely different from k-cups and are not interchangeable.  If you are purchasing this as a gift for someone this Christmas or even for yourself, you might want to invest in an extra box of pods.