Birthday Cake Coffee may be difficult to find, but boy, it's easy to find German Chocolate Cake Coffee

I wasn't looking for Cinnamon Pastry coffee but doesn't it sound delicious?
This afternoon I am taking a coffee break and decided to update my page while I sipped.  What was on my mind is "Birthday Cake Coffee" - a topic I had blogged about some time ago, but it's back in my head.  Part of the reason, I'm sure, is because we've just finished celebrating 2 daughter's birthday, 1 Aunt and 1 Dad... and then 2 friends had kids with birthdays this week and of course our two puppies turned 1 year old this week.  That's a lot of Birthday's on the brain.

So there you go.  Now, I typically link back to Amazon, so that is where I began my search.  Years ago when I wanted Birthday Cake coffee I found about 6 or 7 different brands there to choose from. Yeah, well, not so much anymore.  One.  That's what I found.  One brand!  La Crema Coffee was the only one offering Birthday Cake flavored coffee today. 

What is funny is that if you wanted German Chocolate Cake flavored coffee, well there was more than enough companies offering that one!

Since I'm not a fan of chocolate, (even though I have had the Timothy's brand mentioned above, and with a little sweetener in it to bring out the 'cake' flavor, wasn't bad)  I have to admit that my eyes skimmed over them all.  But I hesitated on this one;  Timothy's World Coffee CINNAMON PASTRY & GERMAN CHOCOLATE CAKE Flavored Variety Pack 48 K-Cups for Keurig Brewers I think that one sounds good.

But, Birthday Cake flavored coffee?  Looks like it's getting harder and harder to find.