Eight O'Clock Coffee - K-cups

This weekend I bought groceries and on my list was my current budget-friendly option of the Colombian blend of Daily Chef k-cups at Sam's Club (because the 54 count Starbucks was not in the budget this trip).  Since I can't get all our groceries at a membership club, I then always stop at the grocery store on the way home to get items I don't need a large size of, or there is a better price.   As I went through the coffee aisle I made sure to stop and price my favorite Sumatra blends... but alas, they were $12.98 for Starbucks (10 count at that!) and even the Green Mountain and other brands were still $11.  Nope.  But wait, what is this?  Eight O'Clock k-cups were now available at my local grocery store.

I've been looking for the Eight O'clock brand for about 3 months - but they hadn't made it to my local area yet.  And, here they were.  And on sale!  $6.98 for a 12 count.  I was happy to see my grocer would now carry them, but my first choice (Colombian) was out of stock.  The only blend they had left was Italian.  No problem.  I usually like the dark Italian blends as well.

This morning I'm on my third cup of Eight O'Clock Coffee Dark Italian Roast and I am giving it a thumbs up.  I like my coffee strong, hot and black.  It comes out of my Keurig brewer at 192 degrees and sipping it straight, I'd say the flavor is just bold enough to taste good, but not overly roasted so it does not have any of the bitter or burnt taste you can sometimes get with Starbucks and other brands.   Even as it cooled to room temperature, I still continued to sip it without problem.  Admittedly, there are many 'good' coffee's I won't' sip once they have cooled as the cooler temperature changes the flavor.  This one was still enjoyable.

As it is roughly half the price of Starbucks, and still a few dollars cheaper than the Green Mountain, House Barista and other brands, it is an affordable option when the budget is tight.  True story:  if I'm not concerned about the food bill upon check out I'd probably buy my Sumatra, but when the budget is taken into consideration, this coffee will happily find a place in my cart.

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