Clearance Alert for Starbucks Holiday Blend Coffee - 28 oz.

Starbucks Holiday Blend

"Add a sparkle of warmth to your holidays with this full-bodied blend 
of earthy Asia Pacific, lively Latin American and spicy, aged Sumatran 
 beans. Every sip offers intriguing layers of spiciness and rich, lingering 
flavors that have been complementing festive celebrations for more than 
25 years."

One of my favorite Starbucks blends is the Holiday version.  I avoided it at first because I think the description is misleading.  When they say "spice" I think... well, spice.  Most 'holiday' or Christmas blends add a bit of the spice kick so I assumed this did too. It was a fluke that I decided to try it and happily found it did not have any spice or holiday flavor to it.  It was just a good, rich, dark, flavorful blend. 

Although available through Starbucks and the Starbucks website, I found it at my local Sam's Club.  Twice this season, I purchased the 28 oz. size for their regular price of just under $19.  However, I was happy to see it on clearance at my local Sam's Club last weekend for $10 off.   It is currently selling in my local store for $8.51.  The 'best buy' date is May of 2013 but they are in vacuum sealed packages so as long as they are unopened they stay fresh.  I picked up 2 for now but am playing around with the idea of going back for 2 more.  The problem?  They were selling quickly.  I'm not sure there are any left.

I looked up this blend on the Starbucks website and found they are offering a clearance price of just under $8 for a one lb. bag.  I also found it on Amazon (link above) just in case your local Sam's doesn't carry it and you don't want to wait until next Christmas for it to be released again.