Devil Frog from Hell Cartoon Coffee Mug and Gifts

   Sometimes, just for the fun of it, I punch in a random word or phrase plus 'coffee' to see what I get.  Other times I'm searching for something completely different and you know how search engines work - you can get things that barely match what you are searching for - or not at all.    Today's post is born from something like that.

A while back, I saw a coffee that caught my eye but I was in the middle of doing something else and only briefly made a mental note to go back and check it out later.  It was a black (?) coffee bag with a skull on it and I thought had the word 'hell' in there somewhere.  This week I was enjoying some 'down' time online with nothing in particular to have to get done so I decided to look it up.  Except... I couldn't remember what it was called so I did a random search on Amazon.  I didn't find the coffee I was initially looking for, but instead found this random cartoon that I believe someone just made up, designed a few odd products around their little Tasmanian Devil looking frog and hoped that someone, somewhere would buy it.  I've never heard of it before, never seen it before and judging from the strange products they offer with this little "Devil Frog from Hell"  cartoons, I doubt most of the products will be a hot seller.

For instance, would you be interested in a Devil Frog Frog from Hell Cartoon Light Switch Cover? Or a porcelain plate to hang on your wall?  Or perhaps you could find a use for a Devil Frog ceramic tile.   Yes, just one, ceramic tile.  Wait, it gets better.  They also sell one, (1) quilting square.  Uh-huh, I typed QUILTING SQUARE.  Because who wouldn't want that?

But, to give this random cartoon designer some credit, I suppose people may or may not find use for a 8x8 Iron On Heat Transfer For White Material they could iron on their shirt, I did see a cap offered and if you really decide you want to trick out your bedroom or office space, they offer a a 5 inch tile pen holder.  Let's just assume you want to share the devil frog love with family and friends, so I'll point you in the direction of Greeting Cards (6 Greeting Cards and Envelopes).

So...  how does this tie in with...  coffee?   Well, remember I said I stumbled upon this randomly?  Well, because my search for a coffee from hell turned up some coffee themed gifts featuring, you guessed it - Devil Frog from Hell Coffee Mugs and Gift Baskets!

So now, we've come full circle.  And if this little independent cartoon caught your eye, then by all means, knock yourself out!  Meanwhile, I suppose perhaps this morning I'll go back to my original search and find you that coffee I was going to tell you about.

You might be interest in these Devil Frog products for some strange reason;