Hair Color Product Review Time! Garnier Olia.


Originally, I got to try to new Garnier Olia Hair Color for free since I'm a BzzAgent and that's what we do.  Try to new products and spread the social buzz on what we thought of it.  I've since bought a second box on my own, full price so I guess you can say I was happy with the results.

Olia has a list of facts about their product, but since I don't completely agree with all of them, I'm going to list the ones I do agree with;

  • First oil-powered permanent home hair color
  • No ammonia
  • 60% oil blend with natural flower oils
  • Gray coverage
  • In 24 different shades
They like to say it has a pleasant fragrance, I'll just say "It doesn't smell like ammonia... so that's pleasant."   They also claim it makes your hair silky and restores shine, but I and a lot of other reviewers did not find that to be true.  As a matter of fact, even after using their conditioner, it left my hair dry and coarse.  That didn't matter to me though, as I use my own leave in conditioners and oils so it was a non-issue to me.

Olia's marketing is eye-catching with a black box and bright colors.  The gloves are a hit - black - instead of clear or frosty white as most home hair colors use.  It puts a little smile on your face.  Mixing is the same simple directive as other color kits;  you mix your color with your developer and apply.  

I purchase the #7 dark blonde, focus on my roots for a base color, and then use a home highlighting kit later in the week on my whole head.  Since I'm focused on the roots, I find the coverage to be excellent and the oil based colorant to be longer lasting than other home color kits.  That is the primary reason for choosing this brand over my regular brand. 

It's easy to find, as I've found them not only in my regular household shopping retail stores, but have also seen them in my grocery stores.  With 24 different shades to choose from you can find the almost any color from black to pink.  The cost is on par with all the other brands;  I paid about $9 for the box at my local retailer that ends in 'mart'.
Overall I give it a thumbs up for ease of application and lasting coverage since I'm using it on my roots only and don't have to worry about full head coverage.   Check out Garnier Olia on Facebook too if you are interested in hearing more about their product.