We bought a Mini Keurig Personal Brewer for Traveling and Loved it.

This past weekend was spent traveling through 7 states and back again, all within 4 days.  We had a family celebration to attend and although we drove straight there (18 hours) we then stayed in a hotel 2 nights and took our time coming home to break the trip into two days and stayed in a hotel on the way back.  As wonderful as a hotel bed feels at the end of a long day of driving, there is something the hotel offers that isn't good.  Their coffee.  No matter the hotel, brand, location or how nice of a hotel it is, they all seem to offer coffee packets for the rooms and fresh brewed coffee in the lobby that tastes to me, like cigarette ashes.

Having been a Keurig owner since 2005 (?) we've actually brought our large, full sized Keurig on vacations with us.  We had saved the box it came in for ease of packing and sure enough, it's been to the beach in South Carolina, it's been a part of family vacations to the gulf in Alabama and it's gone to the very southern tip of Texas as well as traveling up north towards Minneapolis.  But last week I decided it was time to let our counter top Keurig be just that; a counter top.  It was time to finally invest in the hundred bucks in a smaller sized, more easily packed, mini Keurig system for traveling.

We purchased the Keurig K-Cup Single Cup Coffee and Tea Brewing System- and I admit I probably would have gotten a fun color like red or yellow, but we purchased ours at Best Buy and they only had the black model.  We purchase our appliances, computers, electronics and small kitchen appliances from them because we've found the Black Tie Protection plan to be invaluable - however, this post isn't about where you purchase yours - it's just to let you know if I liked it or not!

And I do.

The smaller Keurig is a little sister to the counter sized.  It does not have a water reservoir to hold water long term so you fill it up each time you use it.  You have a choice of sizes;  6, 8 and 10 oz. and it comes with the drip tray, an auto on/off feature and something simple but I love it;  cord storage in the back!  
  • Keurig personal size brewer
  • 3 Brew Sizes: 6 oz, 8 oz. and 10 oz.
  • Brews in under 2 minutes
  • Removable drip tray ,Auto Off, Cord Storage
  • Comes with 12 K cups Variety pack

Using the Keurig was simple, but it is a little bit different than the full sized versions.  In this model you turn on the power when you need it (as compared to leaving it on all the time).  You then open the top, pour in the amount of water you need based on your single cup size and close the top.  Instead of using the little cup icons in the water reservoir, it's easiest to simply fill your mug or cup and pour it in - thereby getting the exact sized cup of coffee that you want.  Open the top, insert a k-cup of your choice and then close the top.  This will cause the water to drain down into the machine to be heated.  Press the 'brew' button and... wait.   It will blink red and if you are impatient or haven't read the instructions you may think it's not working.  It is.  It will blink red while the water is filtering through and then being heated.  This can take up to 2 minutes.  It will turn solid red when it is dispensing the coffee into your cup.  That's it!  You now have a fresh, hot cup of coffee of your own favorite brand, roast and flavor.

Although we packed the Keurig in its box for this trip, for future trips we plan to simply pack it into our suitcase for ease of travel.  Currently the box rode quite nicely on top of the rolling suitcase, resting against the handle as we pulled the luggage into the hotels, however in the future, just to reduce the number of items to carry, I will be placing the coffee brewer in a recycled grocery bag, and placing it in the suitcase, cushioned by the clothing and will simply unpack when we arrive at the hotel.

This is also the same model I was looking at purchasing for my desk at my previous job before we relocated to our new city and state last year.  If I decide to return to the workforce here in our new stomping grounds, this little guy will be making his home on my desk in my new office without fail.  Office coffee is even worse than hotel coffee - who would have thought that would be possible!

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