Caramel and Coconut or Thin Mints? New Coffee-Mate Coffee Flavors!

What if you could drink your favorite Girl Scout cookie?

This past weekend we had a house full of guests from 3 different states, celebrating a family reunion of sorts.  One of them brought me a package that had been delivered to our front door.  Opening it up I was thrilled to receive a new product to try and review from Coffee-Mate Flavored Creamers; their new Girl Scout Cookie flavors!

Having a package delivered in the midst and hullabaloo of a family reunion weekend was fun and generated conversation about everyone's favorite Girl Scout Cookies.  The two Coffee-Mate flavors offered are their best selling caramel and coconut flavored version and the thin mints version. I let everyone know both flavors would be available at the breakfast buffet the next morning and I looked forward to getting their feedback after tasting them.

The next morning after coffee we found one of the flavors was a clear winner.   The guests tended to gravitate to the caramel and coconut flavor.  I actually think that might be because it's summer time and even at 8:am, it's already hot and humid out.  I think the Thin Mints might have been the clear winner had the reunion been held in November. 

While we served the Coffee-Mate flavors with hot coffee during the family reunion, it was only after the guests had all returned home to their respective states that I found my own favorite way to enjoy them. 
I like to make iced coffees

Iced!  And the Thin Mint flavor Coffee-Mate creamer made into an iced coffee is the perfect, refreshing drink on a summer afternoon!

With 5 carbs and 5 grams of sugar in each tablespoon, you can add as little or as much as you wish to get the flavor you like best.  However, if sugar is an issue for you, they do offer many other flavors in versions that are sugar free and also, reduced fat.

I often use powdered and liquid creamers in baking as well as my coffee.  Adding it to a quick bread like pumpkin or to my cheesecakes is an easy way I play around with recipes using items I have on hand. 

I visited the Coffee-Mate website this morning and found a special offer to print a coupon you can use at your local store.

Our guests this weekend were all pretty excited to see these new 'cookie' flavors to add to their coffee and I was glad they arrived in time to share. 

While I was given a product to try and review, I was not paid in any way for this post and all my comments and opinions are my own.