Framed Coffee Prints for a Coffee Themed Kitchen or Dining Room: Bonus - a matching coffee themed clock

Dogs and coffee.  That's my life this morning so it makes for a pretty good post on the Coffee Talking website!

Regular readers know we adopted two abandoned puppies last June.  Left as newborns in the middle nowhere, on a country dirt road; their path crossed with a woman getting her mail, who knew a woman who fostered dogs for another woman who did dog rescue.  Through these links they ended up rescued and put up for adoption, where I fell in love with the one we eventually named Marley, and she came with the "bonus" dog - a sister, we named Lucy.

Just 4 months after adopting them, the first signs of knee and hip problems arose and we found out they are about as genetically messed up as you can get in both knees and both hips... on both dogs.  Thus started a road of recovery to get their kneecaps in place, ligaments in the correct place with steel pins, tendons in place and later, stabilize their hips after their legs and knees are strong.  They are just about 15 months old now so they have a long, healthy life ahead of them if we can get through a year of back to back surgeries!

I'm awaiting a call this morning from the surgical center, where Lucy underwent her 3rd surgery last night so without further adieu, I'm going to post Coffee themed decor while I wait for the follow up call.  And what better topic when the first thing I stumbled upon this morning was a Black Dog Coffee framed print!?

Black Dog Coffee Co. by Ryan Fowler Labrador Coffee Cup 15x15 Framed Art Print Picture Wall D├ęcor
  • Image: 12x12 Inches Paper: 12x12 Inches
  • Framed Size: 15x15 inches
  • Includes Framing Grade Glass, an Acid-free Card board backing, & a Hanger.
  • Frame has Hardware attached & arrives Ready to Hang out of the box.
  • Frame is made from Solid Wood or heavy wood composite.

Staying with the 'framed print' look verses a canvas or tin material, I chose to feature this 4-piece coffee themed set.  I personally have a 3 piece framed coffee themed set in my kitchen area, which has been a favorite of mine for a few years now. 

4 Framed Coffee Shop New Cafe Kitchen Decor Art Prints

The price is for all of the framed 8x10 inch art prints you see pictured above.
Each piece comes fully assembled and is ready to hang.
The frame is black and made of MDF Composite.
Moulding Dimensions: 1" wide by 3/4" tall.
Framed Dimensions: 9 5/8 x 11 5/8 inches.
Print Size: 8x10 inch poster.

While on that page I happen to glance down at the similar items bought with this set and found this clock;  how about that?  You could have your whole kitchen, dining or breakfast nook area finished and decorated in about 10 minutes flat!  4 framed prints and matching clock.  Done.

Geneva Clock Co 8125 Cafe Plastic Wall Clock