Second Morning of testing Amazon links since blogger seems to be putting strange code in them when I hit publish.....

Good Morning!

I have hot, strong, black, Columbian coffee in hand and I'm about to take the 2 dogs 'out' for the morning but I thought I'd pop into Coffee Talking and see if Amazon affiliate links are working yet.

The links already on my blogs are fine, but as of yesterday morning, any new image links were being broken upon publishing as blogger (or someone...) was inserting a long line of random characters to ruin the html code and render it useless. The code as I'm looking at it right now - in the editing box is perfect. However, if I hit 'compose' mode to see the links as my readers do, or when I hit 'publish' it will then render the link useless and broken. Yesterday I found the TEXT links were still working, but not images.

So without further adieu, because my dogs are waiting patiently and my cats are waiting not so patiently, here is my test this morning. In honor of all the Italian coffee I had while visiting Italy a few years ago.

Lavazza Crema e Gusto Ground Coffee, Italian , 8.8-Ounce Bricks (Pack of 4)

Edited to update: IT SEEMS TO WORK!!!! Yesterday must have been a fluke in their system as Amazon strives to 'fire' the bloggers and affiliate links that live in 'sales tax' states. I know they were firing them this weekend and rending their links ineligible. Maybe that was the cause even though I don't live in one of those states???? I don't know. But I know it seems to be working this morning so I'll leave well enough alone and go take my dogs out.