Testing the Amazon Affiliate Image Link (because as of this morning they are not working)

This is just another test for myself - because as of this morning none of the Amazon image links are working on my blogger sites.

When I insert the image code it is fine, but once it goes into the 'compose' or 'publish' mode in Blogger it is changed and a strange string of characters are inserted into the code, rendering the code useless so the image does not show up.

The code changes with each product link I look up; for example the most recent 'test' is the coffee cup I happen to be drinking out of this morning. It's a red, black and white mug that says; "MRS." on it and my husband has a matching that says "MR."

The code below in html looks perfect. However, once I hit publish or view in 'compose' mode, blogger (or something) is changing the code and is inserting this random string of nothing; lmeqaepioiucyugsoqrt. This breaks the code and the affiliate link no longer works.


If you can't see the image of the red/black/white coffee cup... that is because Amazon and blogger hate each other this morning.

There IS a reason some links are not working for people and that is due to the "sales tax" fight going on between Amazon and a handful of states. Minnesota, Rhode Island, North Carolina.... but I don't live in any of those states.

Interestingly enough... the text links still seem to work!

Mrs. Mug

So... this is my test post to see how it looks when I use both links and hit 'publish'.